Airlines are now required to pay higher fees when landing at two of the city’s four airports — Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport.

The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners voted July 28th to increase the landing fees for passenger aircraft at LAX from $3.35 per thousand pounds of weight to $3.85. The fee for air cargo planes was raised from $2.72 to $3.24 per thousand pounds.

The landing fee increases were effective retroactively to July 1st and were calculated using a landing fee methodology which is based on operating expenses, airport staff said.

The hike in fees this year was attributed to a combination of a higher budget for operating expenses and lower total projected landing weight as reported by the airlines, according to a staff report.

The increase will bring the total budgeted costs recovered from the airlines in fiscal year 2009 — which began July 1st — to approximately $185 million, a $13 million increase from the previous year.

Airport management consulted with the LAX Airline Affairs Committee and individual carrier representatives during the process.

Airport officials said landing fees are periodically adjusted and on average contribute about 25 to 30 percent of the total operating revenues at LAX.