The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners has approved the purchase of three compressed natural gas (CNG)-fueled single-engine street sweepers to be used at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and LA/Ontario International Airport.

The nearly $800,000 contract will be awarded to the La Verne-based Haaker Equipment Company.

The three alternative-fuel street sweepers will replace similar units currently in use at LAX and Ontario that are no longer functioning properly. The equipment is used to perform maintenance work on the two airports’ airfield taxiways, service roads and surrounding areas. Two will be used at LAX and one at Ontario.

Since the board’s adoption in 1999 of the Los Angeles World Airports Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Program, alternative-fuel vehicles are an important element to reducing air emissions in the region, airport officials say.

Efforts are continuing to convert all of the vehicle fleets at the city’s four airports — LAX, Ontario, LA/Palmdale Regional and Van Nuys — to alternative-fuel use. More than 650 — more than 60 percent — of the airports’ vehicles are currently powered by alternative fuels.