A one-year $25 million contract was awarded to DMJM Aviation for program management of a capital improvement program at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commis- sioners Monday, March 3rd.

DMJM Aviation, headquartered in Tampa, received approval of the initial one-year contract to allow vetting of the company before airport officials committed to a longer-term arrangement with the company, and DMJM could eventually have an $8 billion revamping project, according to aviation sources.

The development program includes the Midfield Satellite Concourse, NLA (new, large aircraft) gates at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, and related projects such as taxiways, tunnels, aircraft ramp areas, utility improvements and other infrastructure repair and replacement projects which need to be performed to enable construction of these major projects to begin, said Los Angeles World Airports officials.

The contract also calls for DMJM Aviation to mobilize a delivery team to advance these projects while developing a more comprehensive understanding of the overall LAX Capital Improvement Program (CIP), according to airport officials.

The primary focus will be on the Capital Improvement Program elements, described as:

— Element 1: Tom Bradley International Terminal new large aircraft gates; new west taxiway C-13; extension of Taxiway D to C-13; and all the enabling projects including tenant relocations, utility master planning, drainage master planning; utility relocations, taxiway/bridge/tunnel under C-13; relocation of Guard Post 5; relocation of FAA navigational aides and rotating beacon, and long-term fueling concept;

— Element 2: Midfield Satellite Concourse, Tom Bradley International Terminal improvements and enabling projects including tenant relocations, utility relocations, taxiway relocations, new taxiways, central utility plant and relocation of Tom Bradley International Terminal bus gates; and

— Element 3: long-range CIP program elements including but not limited to central processors, central terminal area improvements and consolidated rental car facility.

All work under this contract will be authorized through separate task orders specifying budget, schedule and services to be provided, which include program administration, project controls, program standards and procedures, program definition, design management, construction management, contract administration, stakeholder coordination and sustainability, said airport officials.

Airport officials said they want to ensure a successful delivery of projects on time and within budget, as well as minimal disruption to daily airport operations.

DMJM Aviation is the flagship aviation firm of its parent company, AECOM Technology Corporation, which has a history of completing planning, design, program and construction management assignments at airports throughout the world, according to DMJM’s Web site.

AECOM is one of the largest, U.S.-based engineering design firms, based on 2005 revenues, and provides services in North America, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America, states the Web site.