The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners unanimously adopted “Sustainability Vision and Principles” Monday, August 6th, relating to its commitment to efficient and environmentally-sound operations at Los Angeles World Airports.

The set of principles includes a commitment to setting airport standards for environmental performance, customer satisfaction and security, regional economic leadership and organizational performance, airport officials said.

Los Angeles World Airports is the city agency that operates Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and three other Southern California Airports.

“LAWA, as the international gateway and economic engine to this region, is committed to work continuously to improve our economic performance, environmental stewardship and social responsibly performance in keep- ing with our position as a global aviation leader,” airport commission president Alan Rothenberg said. “These principles affirm LAWA’s leadership role in these areas.”

Specifically, the principles call for Los Angeles World Airports to:

– become an innovative and national model in implementing environmental solutions;

– take responsibility for improving national operational sustainability;

– increase its business value through improved sustainable performance;

– engage stakeholders to better understand and address their concerns;

– incorporate sustainability design and construction practices in the development of its airport system; and

– monitor and measure progress through LAWA’s sustainability performance improvement management system.

“By building on our core business model and values, we will engage our employees, tenants, customers and communities in an effort to continually improve our environmental, economic and social performance,” Rothenberg said. “This policy recognizes LAWA’s significance as one of the most important economic engines in the Southern California region, while also recognizing our need to mitigate the impacts of our operations on our neighbors and the environment.”

The Board of Airport Commissioners adopted a policy in January requiring new remodeling and tenant improvement construction projects at Los Angeles World Airports facilities to include design and contributive elements that either comply with or are substantially consistent with the highest possible Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, or their practical equivalents, officials said.

The Airport Commission also required that, should the U.S. Green Building Council standards specifically apply to airport facilities, the airport department would formally pursue the highest practical LEED certification for all projects planned and built after adoption of those standards.

In addition, airport department staff was directed to develop a comprehensive sustainability program that addresses all environmental aspects of Los Angeles World Airports operations. The Sustainability Vision and Principles adopted August 6th address that airport commission policy, officials said.