The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners awarded contracts for major infrastructure upgrades at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on May 18th.

KONE Inc., of Lisle, Illinois, was awarded a $23.7 million contract for elevator, escalator and moving walkway upgrades at all LAX terminals. Los Angeles- based HNTB was awarded a $9.2 million contract for airport pavement design and management at all three Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) operated airports, LAX, LA/Ontario and Van Nuys.

The airport commission additionally awarded Corradini Corporation of Fountain Valley a $1.5 million contract for the installation of terrazzo flooring in the baggage claim area at Terminal One.

These contracts represent the start of a significant investment in LAWA’s existing infrastructure, airport officials said. Many of LAX’s elevators, escalators and walkways have nearly reached, if not exceeded, their average 25-year operational life span.

“In order to meet traveler needs, we must modernize all aspects of the airport’s infrastructure,” said LAWA Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey.

“This includes safely operating elevators and escalators, new flooring and a well maintained network of service roads, taxiways and aircraft parking areas,”

The contract to KONE involves replacing or rehabilitating deteriorated equipment and systems to meet current standards of public health and safety, operational requirements, and environmental protection. The first phase will focus on the most critical service areas and equipment and consists of 65 elevator/escalator systems. Subsequent phases will continue until 2012, when all 285 systems are expected to be completed.

The design and management of pavement services by HNTB will provide for modernized airport layout plans, upgraded pavement standards, and training for LAWA personnel in the application of the Airport Pavement Management System. The contract will also train personnel in pavement analysis, rehabilitation and replacement forecasting, which will allow personnel to spot potential problems ahead of time and reduce the possibility of costly repairs to runways, taxiways and service roads, airport officials said.

The installation of new terrazo flooring at Terminal One is part of LAWA’s safety and maintenance program for public areas. The existing flooring will be demolished entirely. The installation of the new flooring system is intended to ensure the safe movement of arriving passengers.