Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has received its 14th consecutive Rideshare Diamond Award in 12 years for its employee transportation program.

The Regional Diamond Awards Program is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Association, the Ventura County Transportation Commission and the Orange County Transportation Authority. LAWA, which operates Los Angeles International Airport, received this year’s award in the Successful Rideshare Strategy category.

The department’s rideshare was honored for its successful transition of the program to Skyview Center, an office facility located near LAX that now houses approximately 350 airport personnel, airport officials said. In addition to reducing LAWA’s long-term space needs and costs, the move to the new location has consolidated three off-airport leases into one and allowed staff with similar functions to be situated at fewer locations on and off the airport, officials noted.

The move, however, threatened to break up 36 vanpools and 12 carpools. Instead, LAWA Rideshare actively reorganized existing vanpool and carpool groups to serve the new building, changed transit passes to regional passes to accommodate the new bus routes and established a new office location at Skyview Center to assist employees working there.

Airport officials said 22 vanpool riders were asked to change vanpools, which enabled 11 groups to make one less stop, and saved time and fuel.

In total, 141 of approximately 350 LAWA employees working at Skyview are in the LAWA Rideshare Program.