Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has won its 15th prestigious Rideshare Diamond Award in 13 years for its employee transportation program.

The airport department was presented the award in the Best Overall Rideshare Program category by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority, the Ventura County Transportation Commission and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

The award recognizes LAWA’s continuing commitment to reducing the number of single-occupancy trips associated with its operations, and development of many programs designed to reduce single-occupancy trips to, from and within its three airports, including Los Angeles International Airport, officials said.

The airport employee rideshare program includes subsidized vanpools, carpools, public-transit incentives and bicycling, as well as marketing and advocacy activities to recruit and retain the program’s participants.

Overall, approximately 25 percent of LAWA’s employees participate in its rideshare program, while the national average for employees commuting via alternative transportation is about 10 percent, airport officials note. This results in a savings of more than 700 daily vehicle trips to and from LAWA facilities, they added.

“All LAWA employee commuter options help lessen the number of single-passenger vehicles on our roads, which contributes to improved air quality and reduced traffic congestion,” said LAWA Rideshare Manager Devon Deming. “These options help employees save significant money, especially given today’s high gasoline prices.”

LAWA also distributes monthly transit passes at no cost to employees who commute to work by bus or rail. Employees are also encouraged to work non-traditional work schedules, which further reduces commuter miles and congestion, airport officials said.

In addition, many airport employees and tenants bike to work.

The rideshare program saves more than seven million commuter miles per year, and 500,000 gallons of gasoline annually, officials estimate.