The City of Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners and the staff of Los Angeles Worlds Airports (LAWA) — the city agency that operates the city”s airports — have declared September as ìLos Angeles World Airports Film Friendly Awareness Month.î

ìLos Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the most filmed airport in the world,î said a LAWA proclamation given to the producer of a new television drama series about the airport.

Ongoing film production at city airports creates jobs and economic benefits for the entire region, airport officials said Tuesday, September 7th.

NBC television is using Los Angeles International, Ontario International, Palmdale Regional and Van Nuys Airports extensively to film scenes for its new drama series ìLAX.î

The ìLAXî television show will air on NBC this fall.

The TV series was created by executive producer Nick Thiel and it stars Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood as deputy airport managers.

Board of Airport Commissioners president Cheryl K. Petersen and LAWA interim executive director Kim Day presented the proclamation to Thiel and extended best wishes to the show”s cast and crew for a long broadcast success.

Airport officials said the film industry is vital to Los Angeles because it provides more than 235,000 jobs and brings into the local economy approximately $32 billion.

Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn recently issued an executive order to create a liaison in every city department to facilitate film production on city properties.

In the wake of terrorist attacks, Hahn also told LAWA to work with federal and local aviation security officials to develop a policy that balances increased airport security measures and film industry access to LAWA airports for television program, television commercial and motion picture productions.

Since September 11th, 2001, the city”s airports have recorded more than 1,400 filming days without compromising security or inconveniencing travelers, officials said.

LAWA even has its own Film Desk staff. Information, or