Several Los Angeles Airport Police officers were recently recognized for acts of bravery and beyond the call of duty at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and while off-duty in 2009.

City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, whose 11th District includes LAX, and Airport Police Chief George Centeno, honored the following officers for their efforts beyond the call of duty:

Officers Francis Smith, Shawn Smith and Burt Davis, who convinced a man to remove and step away from a backpack that he claimed contained an explosive device that he would detonate;

Officer Lauren Peaks, who rescued a woman from the ledge of a bridge as she attempted to jump twice;

Officer Alvin Co, who was recognized for the number of driving under the influence arrests made at the airport during one year; and

Officer Tesfa McKinley, who while off-duty, observed a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy fighting with a suspect and assisted the deputy with taking the suspect into custody.

At a City Council meeting, Rosendahl commended the officers for the “fine work they do at LAX while keeping the public safe.”

Centeno said he “is proud to stand before the City Council in recognition of the Airport Police officers who are a representation of the front line of protection at LAX.”

During the same recognition event, off-duty Airport Police officers also were recognized for winning a gold medal in the over-35 division and a bronze medal in the 3-on-3 games during the basketball competition at the Annual Police and Fire Games, including Sgt. Harold Evans, Det. Julius Levy, and officers Barry Wilds, Havon McLeod and Oscar Gatewood.