Airport officials began implementing a Los Angeles City ordinance Sunday, October 1st, regulating the “time, place and man- ner” in which individuals and organizations can solicit and immediately receive funds for charitable purposes at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Between October 1st and Saturday, October 14th, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA, the city agency that operates the city’s airports) is notifying solicitors of the requirement to possess a solicitation permit issued by the airport authority, and it will begin enforcement of the regulation starting Sunday, October 15th.

The city agency began accepting permit applications Monday, October 2nd.

Under the ordinance, solicitors must apply for a permit from airport officials to conduct their solicitation activities only in designated areas in each of the airport’s nine passenger terminals.

The ordinance does not restrict other forms of communication, such as speaking with travelers about any subject or distrib- uting literature, as long as funds are not solicited and immediately received.

The ordinance was signed into law in December 2002, but a federal judge prevented its enforcement through a preliminary injunction issued during litigation brought by an organization opposed to it, airport officials said.

At that time, U.S. District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall deemed the ordinance’s solicitation restrictions potentially unconstitutional, officials said. But on September 18th Judge Marshall vacated the injunction she issued over three years ago.

Under the ordinance, there are 18 designated areas located in the upper departure and lower arrival levels in each of the terminals.

Airport officials said the use of the 18 designated areas will be equitably allocated on a first-come, first-served basis following airport officials’ review and approval of written applications.

Under the ordinance the free permits are issued for 30-day periods and are valid only for specific dates, times, terminal locations and the number of solicitors granted by the permit. Each permit will contain this specific information and must be displayed by the solicitor while conducting solicitation activities.

Los Angeles World Airports Airfield Permits Section will issue and administer the permits and Los Angeles Airport Police will enforce the regulations.

The ordinance requires the soliciting organization to provide Los Angeles World Airports with a description and purpose of its proposed activities, contact information about the organization, and copies of a valid information card issued by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Social Services Commission and of its tax-exempt status under state and federal law.

Information on obtaining permit application and other information about the program, LAWA Airfield Permits, (310) 215-5464; or Airfield Permits Unit, Los Angeles World Airports, P.O. Box 92216, Los Angeles 90009-2216.