Hundreds of airport service workers, elected and community leaders and workers’ rights advocates held a rally at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Thursday, June 26th, to raise awareness about working conditions at California airports.

Airport service workers were joined by members of the Service Employees International Union, passenger rights activists, disability rights advocates and local leaders as they marched along the lower arrivals level at LAX, between Terminal 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

No major incidents were reported during the event, police said.

The rally launched a movement to improve job quality, service and security at California airports. In addition to the one at LAX, rallies and marches were scheduled at airports in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose through June 30th.

The service workers included security officers, wheelchair attendants, skycaps, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and cargo crews.

A study earlier this year found that some airports have more than 40 contractors employing service workers without providing adequate oversight or accountability on issues such as training, equipment and security clearances, the union says.

Approximately 20,000 airline service workers are employed in the state, a quarter of whom are facing contract expiration this summer.