Multiple Los Angeles area agencies conducted a drill at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey, Thursday, April 23rd to test their readiness and skills in responding to a major emergency incident that could occur along the Los Angeles County coastline.

The drill was intended to focus not only on response to such an incident, but also the coordination and cooperation among agencies that is necessary to ensure timely

actions, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Agencies involved in the drill included the Los Angeles City and County Fire Departments; Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; US Coast Guard; Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Los Angeles World Airports Police Departments; FBI; National Transportation Safety Board; county Department of Beaches and Harbors; Redondo Beach Fire Department; Los Angeles County Department of Coroner; California Highway

Patrol; and Long Beach Fire Department.

The exercise began at the boat launch at Mindanao and Admiralty Ways.

The agencies simulated the response to an emergency in which a commercial airliner experiences mechanical failure four minutes after take-off from Los Angeles International Airport, attempts to return to the airport, and disappears from radar.

The simulated incident is similar to the actual emergency that took place in New York earlier this year when a US Airways plane ditched into the Hudson River and the passengers, who all survived, needed to be rescued.

Emergency personnel at the simulated drill attended to victims at a triage area and treatment area, and rescue boats transported victims and debris from the simulated crash site.