Longtime Marina del Rey resident Allen Scharf, a former senior executive of engineering projects including the Apollo Lunar Landing Project and the son of an award winning Hollywood composer, has died. He was 73.

Scharf passed away September 11th after battling colon cancer for two and a half years, friends said.

He had moved from Arizona to Marina del Rey to work with his father, award-winning Hollywood film composer Walter Scharf. The family were members of the California Yacht Club in the Marina since 1972.

His academic background included bachelor of science degrees in electrical engineering and and business administration from the University of Colorado and a master’s of business administration degree from Arizona State University.

During his business career, he provided strategic marketing, organizational and financial planning for Aerospace Consulting Corp, Majestic Technologies Inc., SHR Media Co. and Cinema Songs, Inc.

Career highlights included serving as senior executive for aerospace operations at Motorola, where he managed several space communication engineering projects, including a portion of the communications subsystems for the Apollo Lunar Landing Project.

He managed construction of a satellite system at Collins Radio/Rockwell, served as senior vice president of Fairchild Industries, and was a senior vice president for Times Mirror Cable.

Scharf also founded Videosonics Inc., establishing it as the tenth largest television production company in Phoenix.

As a young man, Scharf was a great lover of sports, playing basketball for the University of Colorado. As an adult, he enjoyed playing golf with his father and friends.

Scharf is survived by his son, John Scharf of Utah; his daughters Stephanie Knight of Arizona and Sidney Stevens of Pennsylvania; grandchildren Katie, Alex and Tommy; his sister, Sue Nevens; longtime friend and companion, Vera Webster; and many friends from the Marina City Club, Arizona, Colorado and Texas.

A private burial at sea is planned for Friday, October 9th.