Santa Monica is full of film industry wheeling and dealing this week as the American Film Market, a yearly independent film trade show, began on Wednesday, November 2nd, at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

The trade show is open only to film industry acquisition and distribution executives. But each day until the close of the festival Wednesday, November 9th, Santa Monicans have access to free screenings of current independent films. The films will be shown at AMC Santa Monica 7, 1310 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica.

Santa Monica residents interested in viewing the films can obtain a pass by registering at,

Here is a list of films being screened:

All About Love-Life After 8:30

A Cantonese romance drama directed by Daniel Yu about love lost and memories that bind. The film reflects on the complexities of relationships in contemporary times. 5 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

All for Love

A Korean romantic comedy directed by Kyu-dong Min in which four different stories tie together with a twist at the end. 8:45 p.m. Sunday, November 6th


A psycho-drama directed by Roselyne Bosch about a genetic scientist who decides to genetically modify a killer, to try to create a saint out of a monster. 11 a.m. Tuesday, November 8th

Apartment 6

A horror film directed by John Petros where a young woman’s apartment is invaded by a dangerous entity. 3 p.m. Friday, November 4th, and 9 a.m. Tuesday, November 8th

Beat the Drum

An English/Zulu drama directed by David Hickson that tells the story of a young boy in Africa who leaves his village for the big city and discovers that HIV/AIDS is not the devil, but a real disease and returns to share his new-found knowledge with his elders. 11 a.m. Sunday, November 6th

The Birthday

A French comedy directed by Diane Kurys about a dazzlingly successful TV producer who looks back on his younger days as a gang member. 9 a.m. Saturday, November 5th

Black Cloud

An action/adventure directed by Rick Schroder about a young Native American boxer who overcomes obstacles to win a place on the U.S. Olympic boxing team. 11 a.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Chasing Ghosts

An action/suspense film directed by Kyle Dean Jackson about a serial killer who taunts police with clues and photos left behind at the scene of the crime. 9 a.m. Wednesday, November 2nd

Conversations With Other Women

A drama directed by Hans Canosa about a man and a woman who flirt with each other at a wedding reception. Eventually, a past life connection between the two is revealed. 1 p.m. Monday, November 7th

Day of Wrath

An action/suspense film directed by Adrian Rudomin that tells the story of Mendoza, a 16th century Spanish sheriff who stumbles upon murders of nobles, and a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the fabric of society during the darkest years of the Spanish Inquisition. 9 a.m. Thursday, November 3rd


An animated film directed by Roy Wood spoofing big-budget action films, where a rag-tag group of misfits has three days to save the world from a killer asteroid. 11 a.m. Friday, November 4th

El Cortez

An English thriller directed by Stephen Purvisan about an autistic ex-con seeking a new life after five years in psychiatric prison. 11 a.m. Friday, November 4th

The Empire of the Wolves

A French action/suspense film directed by Chris Nahon about a link between the wife of a senior government official having bouts of amnesia and terrifying hallucinations, and the murder of three women. 8:45 a.m. Sunday, November 6th

From Other Worlds

A science fiction film directed by Barry Strugatz about a Brooklyn mom abducted by aliens and returned to her home. 3 p.m. Monday, November 7th


A French drama directed by Patrice Chereau set in Paris circa 1900. Provoking a cataclysmic crisis in her conventional, bourgeois marriage, Mme Hervey and her husband each take on the supposed virtues of the opposite sex. 11 a.m. Friday, November 4th


Director Andrew van den Houten’s horror film in which 25-year-old Alex must stop the demons of his nightmares from invading his world and killing everyone he knows. 3 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd


A “gay slasher film” directed by Paul Etheredge-OuztsGay in which a serial killer is on the loose at the famed West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. 1 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Hoboken Hollow

A horror film directed by Glen Stephens “based on a true story of a slave ranch in Texas.” Several drifters find themselves confronted with the evil of Hoboken Hollow, a farm that many visit but few ever leave. 1 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Jack-Fruit Thorn Kiss

A Vietnamese romantic comedy directed by Nghiem Dang Tuan Nguyen based in present-day Vietnam. 5 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Joni’s Promise

An Indonesian comedy/adventure directed by Joko Anwar about the adventures of a reel courier for a cinema chain. One day, it seems the whole town is conspiring against him, just when something big is at stake. 1 p.m. Friday, November 4th

La Visa Loca

A Filipino comedy directed by Mark Meily about one man’s obsession with obtaining an American visa. 9 a.m. Tuesday, November 8th

The Last Drop

An action/adventure directed by Colin Teague about a daring heist that takes place during a war. 1 p.m. Tuesday, November 8th

Le Petit Lieutenant

A French psychological thriller directed by Xavier Beauvois. Antoine moves to the big city with dreams of fighting crime. Captain Veaudieu, a recovering alcoholic, takes him under her wing. 3 p.m. Friday, November 4th

Mama Jack

A comedy directed by Gray Hofmeyr. On the run from the law and a vengeful movie director, Jack goes into hiding. He turns to his makeup artist friend and emerges disguised as a black woman. 11 a.m. Sunday, November 6th

Murder, Take One

A Korean mystery directed by Jin Jang in which a TV station airs a real-time show of an actual murder case investigation of a famous female copywriter. 1 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Once Upon a Time in the Oued

A French comedy directed by Djamel Bensalah about a boy from the suburbs of Paris with a dream of making it as just a simple grocer in Algeria. 11 a.m. Saturday, November 5th

Only the Night

A French psychological thriller directed by Xavier Giannoli about a man who becomes obsessed by the mystery surrounding an intriguing woman and risks everything, including his girlfriend’s love, hoping to save her. 1 p.m. Monday, November 7th

Princess Aurora

A Korean thriller directed by Eun-jin Bang in which a sticker of a cartoon character is found on a dead body at a department store. Soon more bodies turn up with that same sticker. 1 p.m. Friday, November 4th


A horror film directed by Dave Payne about young strangers trapped at an eerie travel oasis in the desert who must unravel the mystery behind their visions of dying people while a decaying creature preys upon them. 5 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

The Shoe Fairy

A Mandarin fantasy directed by Robin Lee about a girl who is completely enamored of shoes. 3 p.m. Friday, November 4th

Standing Still

A comedy directed by Matthew Cole Weiss about a group of college graduates who reunite for the wedding of one of their best friends. 11 a.m. Thursday, November 3rd, and 11 a.m. Monday, November 7th

The Thing About My Folks

A comedy directed by Raymond De Felitta about a father and son who set out on an impromptu road trip in the wake of mom’s unexpected defection. 1 p.m. Friday, November 4th, and 9 a.m. Monday, November 7th


Director Ian McCrudden’s horror film about five friends on an exotic surf journey who trespass onto a cursed land. 3 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd


A South African drama directed by Gavin Hood that traces six days in the life of a ruthless young gangster who shoots a woman and steals her car, unaware that her baby is in the back seat. Pumped with Zola’s “Kwaito” music, this is a gritty portrait of ghetto life. 9 a.m. Saturday, November 5th


A Korean action/adventure directed by Kwak Kyong-taek about a South Korean naval officer who hunts down a pirate who has been banned from both North and South Korea. 3 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd

Vegas Baby

A comedy directed by Eric Bernt about five friends who go on a road trip to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of their lives. But nothing goes according to plan. 11 a.m. Saturday, November 5th


A French comedy directed by Marbrouk El Mechri where every week Virgil comes to visit his father in prison and fuels the old man’s dreams with tales of his boxing feats. The only hitch is that Virgil hasn’t boxed in years, and his father is being released. 9 a.m. Thursday, November 3rd

The Wig

A Korean horror film directed by Shin-yun Won about two sisters whose lives are turned upside down as one loses her voice from an accident and the other her hair while undergoing chemotherapy. The sister is given a wig, and the memories of the life and death of a woman the hair once belonged to overtakes her. 11 a.m. Thursday, November 3rd

You Are My Sunshine

A Korean drama directed by Jin-pyo Park about a country man who falls in love with a beautiful waitress at a coffee shop. He later finds out that she is also a prostitute at night but stays with her even after finding out that she has contracted the AIDS virus. 11 a.m. Saturday, November 5th

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