Don’t expect Santa Monica peace activist Jerry Rubin (pictured with wife Marissa) to pass up a chance to get a message out. As part of the ongoing campaign to save Paul Conrad’s “Chain Reaction” statue from possible city removal, Rubin and his wife have assembled a Valentine’s Day card for the mushroom cloud peace sculpture that doubles as a petition to save it. He’ll present the card to Santa Monica City Council members during a Feb. 25 meeting that could decide the statue’s fate.

As of late, things are looking up for the campaign. Tasked by city leaders to raise $100,000 for the statue’s preservation by this month, Chain Reaction supporters have now raised $101,000, according to Rubin.

In celebration of Chain Reaction and community efforts to save it, Rubin and his “chain gang” are hosting a Valentine’s Day Full Moon Peace Gathering at 5 p.m. Friday along the 1800 block of Main Street in Santa Monica.

–Gary Walker and Joe Piasecki