Valentine’s Day lovers can begin to set the right mood by indulging in the right food, according to chef Mitchell Frieder, instructor for the Culinary School at The Art Institute of California — Los Angeles, located in Santa Monica.

Frieder concocted a list of foods that he says are known for their aphrodisiac qualities and that he recommends for spicing up a hot Valentine date.

Many foods thought to be sexually-stimulating were discovered by ancient Greeks and Romans, according to Frieder. Delicacies such as oysters, avocados, bananas and ginseng are believed by some to create amorous longings, either due to a particular shape the food possesses (subliminal reminders of sexual organs) or for purported chemical properties that stir physical desire. Chef Frieder recommends:

CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRIES — “Combine the richness of the chocolate with the tangy sweetness of the berry to create an explosive effect.”

GARLIC, ONIONS AND LEEKS — Never mind the smell, Frieder says that when they are “soft-cooked and sweet, they are a classic full-flavored combination that packs an aphrodisiac punch.” The spicy heat is said to override the smell. Just make sure both lovers indulge.

CR»ME BR¤LŠE — Friedman says “a perfectly prepared crËme bršlÈe with a sip of Benedictine and Brandy (B & B) on the side” should enhance a romantic mood.

HONEY, WALNUTS AND BLUE CHEESE “give a blast of sweet and salty flavors.”