Ms. Senior California Pageant organizers are seeking applications from women in local communities who would like to become a contestant in this year’s Ms. Senior West Los Angeles pageant.

Women aged 60 and over are invited to participate in the pageant, scheduled Sunday, July 20th. The pageant is open to local residents as well as contestants from all areas of California.

The event is a preliminary contest for the state title of Ms. Senior California 2008. Three winners will be chosen from the Ms. West Los Angeles pageant to go onto the state competition.

Women will compete in three categories at the pageant. Event organizers say that talent is a strong part of the judging criteria, along with formal gown presentation and the contestant’s personal philosophy on issues.

Playa Vista is the major sponsor for the pageant.

The nonprofit Ms. Senior California Pageant focuses on highlighting the “age of elegance” for women aged 60 and over, event organizers say.

California has produced two national winners of the Ms. Senior America Title.

Applications are now being accepted for the Ms. Senior West Los Angeles pageant.

Information, Gloria Davis, pageant director, (310) 822-9742, or