packaging to graphic design curriculum

The Art Institute — Los Angeles will make sustainable packaging an official part of the graphic design curriculum during winter quarter, which starts Monday, January 8th.

Sustainable, or environmentally friendly, packaging has become a major theme taught in graphic design classes at The Art Institute of California — Los Angeles, based in Santa Monica.

With a master’s degree in sustainable product design, instructor Suzannah Mathur will teach classes specifically on sustainable packaging.

“The goal is to integrate packaging into the whole graphic design curriculum and make designers more knowledgeable about the choices they have,” Mathur said. “Packaging accounts for most waste.

“The content of a package will break before its package does.”

Students taking a course in brand identity during fall quarter had preliminary exposure to sustainable practices in design.

As a project, the class designed logos for clients such as the City of Santa Monica. Students were asked to create the city’s logo using soy ink and biodegradable materials.

“Students will create packaging that reminds, reinforces and reinvents awareness of the sustainable,” said Susanne Manheimer, academic chair of the Graphic Design Department.

Students will be able learn the concept and importance of sustainability and also have the resources to produce sustainable work, Manheimer said.

“A problem demands awareness,” Manheimer said. “We can generate awareness but need to take the next step and find a solution. Most stop at awareness, but we’re finally getting to the solution.”

Students enrolled in the graphic design program may earn associate’s or bachelor’s degrees.

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