Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica and the South Asian Artists Collective will present ArtWallah 2010: Afterlife, an arts festival of the South Asian diaspora, Friday through Sunday, June 18th through 20th.

Performances are scheduled at 8:30 p.m. June 18th and 19th, and 7 p.m. June 20th at Highways, 1651 18th St., Santa Monica. A children’s program will run from 1 to 4 p.m. June 20th.

This tenth anniversary festival celebrates the theme of “afterlife” with a presentation of original artist collaborations and multi-disciplinary performances, along with a children’s program for families, an event spokesperson explains.

“Grass-roots in nature, modern in form and collaborative in context, ArtWallah’s music, dance, performance, stand-up comedy, literature, poetry, and visual art dig deeply into ethnic roots to find its fusion in a uniquely American expressionism,” says the event spokesperson.

The show is co-directed by Shishir Kurup and Sheetal Gandhi.

The performances include “The Pieces,” “Rajas and Ranis,” “Fade to Infinity,” “Cremation!,” “Rebirth — a Duet of Prose and Music,” and “Unfinished Business.”

The children’s program offers a dance class and a yoga/comedy improv workshop.

The Highways gallery will also feature “Thums Up n’ Up,” an installation re-purposing Indian soda bottles into objects with playful meanings.

The South Asian Artists’ Collective is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the exploration of South Asian arts in the US and abroad.

Tickets are $20 for general admission, or $15 for members, students and seniors. Tickets for the children’s program are $10 (ages 6 and up).

Information, (310) 315-1459, or ww.highwaysperformance.org/.