“ASCENT RUST,” a mixed-media and video projection piece forming wings, is among the works of Teri Yarbrow and Max Almy on display at the Gebert Gallery.

The Gebert Gallery of contemporary art in Venice is presenting “Ascent,” the newest series of work by artists Teri Yarbrow and Max Almy featuring painting and video projections.

The show opened with a reception December 11th and will continue through January 20th at the gallery, 1345 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice.

“Ascent,” combines Yarbrow’s and Almy’s iconic imagery, decaying rust and projected light as well as evocative materials and subject matter that they have gathered through their extensive travels, a gallery spokesman said.

For this body of work they say that they tapped into their own personal experiences with disasters such as the wildfires in California and tsunami in Thailand, as well as the slums of the Congo, Kenya, India and Myanmar. The artists said they find their inspiration from the “spirit of resilience and hope” that they have found in these places.

“Ascent in this context is the rising up and lifting off; the transforming of life into particles and dust,” the artists explain.

“Wings poised, ready to take flight. Metals begin to oxidize and become rust. The rust of forgotten barns and fallen buildings, houses burned in catastrophic fires. These materials are scavenged and reborn into vast villages for refugees.

“We do the same, but by showers of light and etched with chemicals, made new with images that remind us of the human capacity to ascend.”

Information on the gallery and hours, www.gebertgallery.com/, or (310) 450-9897.