Ted Lieu — a Torrance City Councilman and the only Democrat running for the 53rd District Assembly seat vacated by the death of Mike Gordon — sought support from the West Los Angeles Democratic Club during the club’s meeting in Venice Thursday, August 18th.

Lieu served as campaign chair for Gordon’s successful 2004 Assembly race.

A special open primary election to fill Gordon’s seat will be held Tuesday, September 13th.

Voters can vote for any candidate on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

If one candidate doesn’t receive 50 percent plus one vote of votes cast in the September 13th primary, a general election will be held in November in which the top vote-getter of each political party will be on the ballot.

Lieu, an attorney, outlined his views on issues.

n The Iraq War — Lieu said soldiers don’t want to be there and should be brought home.

n Social Security privatization — Lieu said that as an attorney with UBS PaineWebber, he had “seen every which way to lose money,” and that he opposes privatization.

n Children in poverty — “This is a slow-motion catastrophe about to happen, and that’s why I worked with presidential candidate Bill Bradley during his campaign,” said Lieu.

n Transportation — Lieu is in favor of light-rail, especially into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Regarding traffic congestion, he said that cities should coordinate on synchronization of traffic signals because a lack of communication between agencies is helping to create traffic problems.

n LAX expansion — Lieu opposes expansion at LAX and favors a regional approach to future aviation needs.

n Santa Monica Airport — Lieu noted that toxic jet fuel fumes from airplanes are dangerously close to residential areas and he promised to work on the issue.

n Playa Vista Phase II — Lieu said an environmental impact study should be completed before the project goes further, and that with a project this size, people are entitled to know if there are any environmental “green components” and if not, why.

Lieu said he opposes all of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives, and wants to force the governor to return $3 billion to schools.

Lieu attended Stanford University on an ROTC scholarship, and attended Georgetown Law School.

As a law student, he clerked for Judge Thomas Tang in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lieu was a captain in the Air Force in Guam, working with the Air Defense Counsel, and is still an Air Force reservist.

Information on Lieu, www.lieuforassembly.com