Newly-installed 53rd District Assemblyman Mike Gordon wants a more efficient distribution of telephone numbers throughout the state.

He addressed the California Public Utilities Commission Thursday, December 16th, on behalf of consumers in the local 310 area code who are upset about plans to split the area code south of the Los Angeles International Airport.

But the commission did not adopt a proposal that Gordon said would ensure appropriate protections to telephone users if the commission places consumers in the 310 area code south of the airport into a new 424 area code.

“For years, the carriers [phone companies] have been saying that the 310 area code was on the verge of running out of numbers, putting us at risk for an area code split,” Gordon said.

“The reality is that the [telephone] carriers themselves are manipulating their inventories [phone numbers] for their own purposes,” he said.

Gordon’s 53rd Assembly District includes Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, Westchester, Venice and Mar Vista.

“Such [an area code] split would cause significant and unnecessary financial hardship on businesses and local governments throughout the area, potentially costing hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Gordon said.

The proposal that the commission did not adopt was based on a ruling by administrative law judge Thomas Pulsifer.

The judge’s ruling called for phone number rules governing conservation, assessment and more efficient utilization of numbers throughout the state.

If the commission had accepted the ruling, there would have been an establishment of working guidelines that hold phone companies accountable for the phone numbers they are entrusted with, Gordon said.

The commission did agree with Pulsifer and Gordon that phone companies are improperly managing phone numbers.

“I will immediately pursue legislative remedies to promote inventory guidelines that will more efficiently manage the allocation of numbers,” Gordon said.

He said that in addition to the 310 area code, three other area codes — 415, 714 and 818 — could be split within the next 18 months.