Assemblyman Ted Lieu has been recognized by AeA as the “Los Angeles Regional Technology Leader” for his support of technology issues during this past legislative session. This is the second consecutive year that Lieu has received the distinction from AeA.

Formerly known as the American Electronics Association, AeA is considered the nation’s largest high-tech trade association.

Lieu received the award from AeA’s Los Angeles Regional Council at an awards dinner January 22nd.

“It is a great honor to receive this award from AeA, one of our state’s strongest voices for thousands of innovative high-tech and green technology businesses,” said Lieu. “I’m proud to be a supporter of this important economic driver of our state.”

In California, AeA represents over 1,400 high-tech companies, ranging from the giants of the high-tech industry to small electronics manufacturers and Internet start-up companies.

“Assemblymember Lieu took a stance in strong support of technology in 2008,” said Joe Gregorich, AeA director of California Policy.

“By supporting us in important technology and business legislation, he showed tremendous leadership for high-tech in California. We look forward to his continued leadership and support for the high-tech industry in the 2009 legislative session.”

Lieu represents the 53rd Assembly District, which includes a portion of the Argonaut coverage area south of Santa Monica.