The reign of Brian Henderson as Westchester High School’s athletic director has come to an end.

Dr. Bruce Mihms, principal at the high school, announced that Henderson was relieved of his duties effective February 9th to “protect the integrity of the entire program.”

Assistant athletic director Alonia Alexander has assumed Henderson’s duties on an interim basis.

“I felt that it was in the best interests of the entire athletic department to make a change at this time,” Mihms told The Argonaut. “I think that the entire athletic department could be a lot farther along than it is right now.”

The Comets were placed on probation twice during Henderson’s watch, and the former athletic director admitted in 2002 that he violated California Interscholastic Federation rules when he spoke to the father of a Carson basketball player before the student officially enrolled at Westchester High.

In addition to Henderson’s dismissal as athletic coach, head football coach Adrian Ivory has resigned for personal reasons, Mihms said.

“It was by mutual agreement,” the principal added.

The Comet football team went 7-14 over the last two seasons, finishing last season 3-7 overall and 2-3 in the Western League.

Mihms said that he was very pleased with the continued prowess of the high school’s boys basketball team, led by Ed Azzam. Westchester High is perennially ranked among the top teams in the state.

“I have tremendous respect for Coach Azzam and the basketball program, and I think that the rest of the athletic department should rival that quality,” he said.

Henderson will remain as an assistant to Azzam.

Henderson responded harshly to his ousting. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times the day after, the ex-athletic director claimed that he was being unfairly measured against the success of Azzam’s basketball squads.

“[Mihms] can’t look at the basketball program and say, ‘I want all my programs to be like that or I’m making changes,'” Henderson asserted. “That’s not reasonable.”

He indicated that there were still hard feelings.

“I don’t know [Mihms], I don’t like him and we will have nothing to say to each other,” Henderson said. “I’m just going to ignore him.”