When Atomafox takes the stage for their debut Westside concert on Friday, they fully intend to drop a whole lotta hurt at the Good Hurt.

“Usually, when we go on stage, people think, ‘Oh, an all-girl band, it’s gonna be mellow,’” said drummer Ana Cabezas, 23. “We are not your typical chick band. We are never what people expect.”

Formed in 2012, the hard-rock trio began after childhood friends Rhesa Tran, 23, and Brittany Ibarra, 24, returned to Holloway Productions, the Santa Fe Springs studio where they practiced as kids, and jammed on guitar and drums, respectively. The music studio’s owner, Eddie Cabral, suggested they involve his employee, Cabezas, a drummer who traded in her sticks to play bass. Soon, Tran and Cabezas began composing.

“It started out as covering songs for fun. We never expected to leave the rehearsal studio. After Ana joined, we were able to write more original songs and play live shows,” Tran said.

On May 5, Wright Records dropped “Out of the Woods,” Atomafox’s 11-song, 29-minute sonic assault filled with random-subject rockers addressing everything from wage jobs to the Dark Knight. “Intro to the Temp” describes an office worker’s routine, while “Brataway” tackles media obsession and “Gotham City Sirens” recasts the band as sexy villainesses Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman “trying to beat the crap out of Batman,” Cabezas said.

Their heaviest song? Their first: “Stalker,” inspired by a guy who became overly interested in Tran, is grafted to “an old punk groove,” said Cabezas, who gets the biggest kick out of “seeing men enjoying the music.”

Atomafox performs at 11 p.m. Friday at the Good Hurt, 12249 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista. $10. (310) 390-1076; goodhurt.com.

— Michael Aushenker