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Overcoming Heartbreak

Moon vs. Sun battles relationship rollercoaster to make new music By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida and his wife, singer Chantal Kreviazuk, were cozy during a recent Zoom call to talk about their new project, Moon vs. Sun. He rolled his eyes and laughed when she called them “lovers.” They then playfully “argued” about the use of the word. Kreviazuk said it was true. Maida contended it was weird. The playful bickering paled in comparison to the couple’s problems in their forthcoming documentary, “I’m Going to Break Your Heart.” The album and documentary, which debuted in Canada in 2019, are set to be released April 23. The film examines the couple’s relationship as they create a record together for the first time after 22 years of marriage. It marked their first trip away from their three sons and a turning point in a 25-year relationship. They sequestered themselves on the French island of St. Pierre et Miquelon in a tiny apartment during the dead of winter. “That’s our life,” Maida said before Kreviazuk joined him. “That was a moment in time like that. It got rough on that island more so than it does here when we’re working in our studio at home. The island was really freaking cold. We got off the plane and everyone else was getting on to leave. It was a little...

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Corona by the numbers & local updates

Compiled by Kamala Kirk Cases and deaths by neighborhood as of April 11: Culver City: 2,176 (deaths 104); Del Rey: 1,987 (deaths 32); El Segundo: 700 (deaths 6); Marina del Rey: 369 (deaths 3); Mar Vista: 2,017 (deaths 35); Palms: 2,554 (deaths 60); Playa del Rey: 110 (deaths 1); Playa Vista: 587 (deaths 8); Santa Monica: 4,679 (deaths 181); Venice: 1,642 (deaths 14); Westchester: 2,456 (deaths 48) Total Westside cases: 19,277 Total Westside deaths: 492 Total confirmed cases in LA County: 1,225,256 Total deaths in LA County: 23,467 Total new cases as of April 11: 813 Total new deaths: 37 Hospitalizations: 508 Positivity rate (seven-day daily average): 1.5% Total number of people tested: 6,192,023 (Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public...

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Opinion: Ballona Wetlands

Follow the money…and the bias By Molly M. Basler This week the UCLA Institute for the Environment & Sustainability is organizing an online program to promote an ecologically illiterate project. How can that be? For the past year, activists have been pointing out to whoever will listen that there are dots to connect, and that the primary motivations for this overly expensive, highly destructive project appear to be money and influence. Whose money and influence? Well, just look at the sponsors for this “Institute” – and you will see Chevron and SoCalGas front and center. These are the same corporate entities that keep showing up to support the few groups that are speaking up the most in favor of this nine-year construction project that promises to completely remake an ecological reserve that the state paid $140 million to acquire in 2003. Ballona is valuable enough coastal land that it has been relied on during the past decade by no less than seven species on the federal or state endangered species lists and a couple of dozen species that are on the California List of Species of Special Concern. No wonder the state paid so much! And yet, there are these corporations and the UCLA Institute that think it’s not good enough. Already more than $12 million of public money has been spent just on planning and engineering. Hundreds of...

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Celebrating Earth Day 2021 Editor: As we prepare for Earth Day 2021 on April 22, I recommend a March 2021 article in National Geographic, “When ‘Natural’ Disasters Aren’t,” to convince or remind you of how dire the circumstances are for our planet. Here in California over 4 million acres burned in 2020, double the previous record. (In South Pasadena where I live, for the first time in decades I regularly check the air quality before a walk with my wife and our dog.) A carbon fee to discourage fossil fuel use and encourage renewable fuel innovations is a method found effective in an MIT study ( How about encouraging your representative to support The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that was recently introduced in the House? It puts a price on CO2 emissions, can bring the U.S. to zero emissions by 2050, and disburses the revenue collected to anyone with a valid SSN or ITIN. It is supported by the Citizens Climate Lobby, a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. And lest you think fossil companies are not on board, note the support of the American Petroleum Institute ( What about business leaders? The Business Roundtable statement ( sees carbon pricing as a viable solution. Then add to that the endorsement of over 3,500 American economists ( Let’s really celebrate our mother...

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Youth Stories

‘Dream Catchers’ features poetry and prose from kids impacted by incarceration By Kamala Kirk Almost 3 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent which puts many of these youth at higher risk for psychological and behavioral problems, antisocial behavior and depression, among other challenges. In 2013, author and prison rights activist Amy Friedman and her husband, Dennis Danziger, founded POPS the Club, a school-based program that offers a safe and supportive space where youth can share their feelings and support each other in recognizing their strength and resilience. The program launched at Venice High School and has expanded nationwide to 19 schools in five states, and continues its mission of helping kids whose loved ones are incarcerated. “What inspired POPS was a personal experience,” Friedman said. “I was previously married to a man I met, fell in love with and married while he was incarcerated. I raised his daughters, and although he and I eventually divorced, my daughters remain my beloveds. But throughout their young adolescence and well into adulthood, I saw the way they hid who they were – cowed and bowed by the stigma they had experienced as a result of their father’s incarceration. Years after we divorced, I remarried Dennis who is a high school teacher, and he and I began to understand how many of his students were coping with the same trauma,...

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