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Making a Comeback

NRG Experiential Marketing creates meaningful experiences with a positive impact By Haley Beyer Scotland native Gavin Smith was on vacation in Colorado when he was overcome by the state’s beauty and activities. “Scotland was a great place to grow up, but I fell in love with skiing when I visited Colorado, so I decided to move there,” he said. His journey took him to Los Angeles, where he founded NRG Experiential Marketing, which has worked with top brands like 2K Foundations, Timberland, Red Bull, Nike (NRG’s first major client), The North Face, Globe, Tommy Bahama, Herbalife Nutrition, Microsoft, Apple and Beats. Although the pandemic was rocky, the company survived and is poised for a comeback with the 2K Foundations on educational initiatives, mobile sampling tours and golf tournaments to benefit low-income youth trying to get into the sport. Some of the projects NRG is most proud of are 2K Sports: NBA2K20, Timberland: Timber Truck Tour, Red Bull: Illume, Globe: Unemployable, TNF: Speaker Series and 2K Foundations: Loiza. Finding meaning After relocating to Colorado in 1997, Smith frequently hit the slopes. It was there that he was introduced to TV work. Smith worked for Eclipse TV, where he created more than 30 hours of action sports programming for a variety of major networks with a focus on snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking events. From there, Smith moved to Idaho where...

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Robin Doyno’s recent letter Editor: In Robin Doyno’s August 19 letter to the editor complaining of the current Mar Vista Community Council’s Committee structure and meeting schedules he fails to mention that: 1. He served on the board of the Mar Vista Community Council in 2015 . 2. In October 2015 he was appointed chair of the then named Homeless Issues Committee . 3. That he was on the 2021 slate presented by the Democratic Socialists of America for an at-large director seat on the Mar Vista Community Council and lost. 4. That he is presently on the board as chief financial officer, treasurer and community outreach director of the HousingMV (Mar Vista) seeking a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2021. Mr. Doyno had every opportunity to effect change in Mar Vista’s solution to the unhoused crisis but failed and is now using the structure of a possible 501(c)(3) to perpetuate the enabling of the no rules and no responsibility persons sucking at the teat of the publicly funded trough. Meanwhile, he/they and the current councilmen have no solution for the mentally ill, addicted and criminal elements of the unhoused other than build high-rise half-million dollar units for everyone. Or maybe place all, with proposition HHH or Measure H money, into the midst of the shrinking low-rise Mar Vista apartment affordable stock and soon to be eliminated single family neighborhoods...

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Coronavirus by the numbers and local updates

Compiled by Kamala Kirk Cases and deaths by neighborhood as of September 10: Culver City: 2,767 (deaths 112); Del Rey: 41 (deaths one); El Segundo: 999 (deaths 10); Marina del Rey: 632 (deaths four); Mar Vista: 2,741 (deaths 37); Palms: 3,266 (deaths 62); Playa del Rey: 165 (deaths one); Playa Vista: 820 (deaths 11); Santa Monica: 6,304 (deaths 186); Venice: 2,523 (deaths 17); Westchester: 3,386 (deaths 54) Total Westside cases: 23,644 Total Westside deaths: 495 Total confirmed cases in LA County: 1,427,817 Total deaths in LA County: 25,611 Total new cases as of September 10: 2,024 Total new deaths: 50 Hospitalizations: 1,385 Positivity rate (seven-day daily average): 1.85% Total number of people tested: 8,312,543 (Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public...

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Makeover Project

The Rotary Club of Westchester improved Orville Wright Middle School’s student garden By Nicole Borgenicht Every two years, the Rotary Club of Westchester chooses a Makeover Project. This year’s selection is the Emerson Avenue Community Garden (EACGC) at Orville Wright Middle School. This plan signifies an education on organic and sustainable gardening, along with easy access for 28 student and 37 community garden plots. “The original garden had mulch and uneven urbanite (repurposed chunks of concrete) pathways that were difficult to navigate for people with physical/mobility challenges,” said Tom Johnstone, past president of the Rotary Club of Westchester and co-chair of the Makeover Project. The Westchester Rotary director for the EACGC Makeover Project was Warren Bobrow with strong support from Edgar Saenz and Johnstone. They met with EACGC and at least one attended 20-plus volunteer days. Bobrow utilized their budget working with EACGC to arrange materials delivery and waste removal. “Our goal was to make the garden more beautiful and more accessible to the entire community as an attractive green space,” Johnstone said. “The members did most of the work initially and students from WISH Charter Middle School maintain the north part of the garden where they have 28 small garden plots. “ Everyone will have access to the garden, but gardening will be limited to the plot holders and the WISH Charter students. The Orville Wright students will have access the garden...

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The Secret Garden

A garden honors the creative culture of Venice while spreading love By Holly Jenvey Heading toward the Venice canals, visitors may have seen a floral bed that resembles something from a fairytale at the corner of 24th and Pacific avenues. This is the Secret Garden, which tourists and locals stumble upon in awe. The garden was created by Sid Lindenbaum, otherwise known as the “Bubbleman” to the Venice community. (Fun fact: Lindenbaum can be broken down from German translation meaning Linden Tree.) Sid can be spotted riding his bike around the neighborhood or with Gena, his wife of 10 years. Sid spreads cheer through his Secret Garden. Thirty-plus years ago, Sid acquired the space, which was an empty space in front of an building. He yearned to start a garden near the building, which reportedly was built in the 1900s. He started the garden from scratch in the sandy spot. “So he planted this garden, which is completely beautiful,” Gena said. “He calls them (the plants) his children and he just really cares for them.” The garden is peppered with bright flowers along with tree branches covered with yarn designs and puppet figures (some special for the holidays). The yarn is made from organic fiber, which doesn’t harm the trees with the designs because it’s breathable. However, to Sid and Gena, the garden’s meaning goes beyond its creativity. Gena...

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