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Save Venice — From Sea Level Rise

The startling reality of climate change inspires a radical vision of the future By Danny Karel In the not so distant future, sea level rise threatens to remake low-lying parts of Venice into a watery landscape a little more reminiscent of its Italian namesake. “There’s the harbor, and there’s the existing Venice Canals, which we’re calling a wetland. … And there’s the lagoon that comes into where Windward Circle is now. These areas are all connected to each other,” said USC School of Architecture lecturer Tracee Johnson, introducing maps and drawings that represent a radical redesign of Venice and...

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Don’t Ban Scooters, Redesign Helmets Re: “Scooter Injuries Are Piling Up,” News, Feb. 7 Let’s face it: Scooters are here to stay because they fill a critical need for short distance commuting, and most people are not going to carry with them a Snell-approved helmet as they head to or from work, school or play. It seems to me that safety experts need to be seeking to develop a helmet that is easy to carry, perhaps because it can be folded. Yes, it would not provide the protection of a hard-shell helmet, but I suspect it would be widely...

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Electoral Do-Over

Voting Rights Act judgment could force the entire Santa Monica City Council to face re-election in July By Joe Piasecki and Gary Walker The Santa Monica City Council will hold a closed-session meeting on Feb. 21 about whether to appeal a recent court ruling that would put all seven councilmembers up for re-election this summer — this time according to new geographic voter districts that would pit three incumbents against each other for one seat. The Pico Neighborhood Association and its treasurer Maria Loya, a past council candidate, challenged the city’s at-large election system as violating the California Voting...

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In Praise of Heroes

L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey honors crime stoppers at Rotary Club of Westchester event By Gary Walker A couple who intervened in a domestic dispute, a father and son who stopped a drunk driver from fleeing a lethal crash, and a man who stopped a sexual assault in a grocery store parking lot received Courageous Citizen Awards last week during a ceremony in Westchester. Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey presented the awards on Feb. 13 during a luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club of Westchester at the Crowne Plaza LAX Hotel. “Here you have people who in many...

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