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A survivor remembers…

76 years ago this week, a fleet of buses transported Japanese-Americans from Venice to Manzanar. Mae Kakehashi was one of them. By Joe Piasecki On April 25, 1942, the newly created federal War Relocation Agency ordered Japanese-American residents of West Los Angeles to board buses at the corner of Lincoln and Venice boulevards. They were allowed to bring only what they could carry. Eight hours later the buses arrived at Manzanar, a World War II internment camp in the rustic Owens Valley where those forcibly displaced by presidential executive order — including many American-born citizens — would live in...

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Bullet Train Silence is Deafening One of the myriad reasons for the election of Donald Trump was that voters felt alienated and ignored by their elected representatives. I have good reason to understand that lately. My issue is the ridiculous cost of Gov. Brown’s high-speed rail, which has more than doubled to an estimated minimum of $77 billion and rising. I wondered how our state representatives viewed the rising costs and associated delays, so I attempted to contact Assemblywoman Autumn Burke and state Sen. Ben Allen. When I asked the person who answered the phone at Allen’s office in...

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News in Brief

The Los Angeles Times is Moving to El Segundo Compiled by Gary Walker Demand for Silicon Beach office space remains unrelenting, and El Segundo continues to bring high-profile media and technology companies into its fold. Its latest coup: the Los Angeles Times. Billionaire biotech entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, whose $500-million purchase of the Times from profiteering Chicago-based ownership is expected to clear next month, announced the move to the paper’s staff last Friday. The L.A. Times no longer owns its iconic downtown Los Angeles headquarters — Shiong had to rent the building’s auditorium for the day — and faced...

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Sea Level Rise Could Flood Venice

Even modest projections put up to 2,200 homes at high risk in just two decades By Andrew Dubbins From 2000 to 2050, sea level rise in the Los Angeles region is expected to match global projections of 5 to 24 inches. By the year 2100, it could increase by as much as 66 inches. To analyze and plan for reducing the potential impacts on Venice, Los Angeles officials have hired three consulting firms to integrate sea level rise policies into the Local Coastal Program, which will become the neighborhood’s pre-eminent urban planning framework. They presented current findings at a...

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Champions on a Different Field

Westchester Comets football players score top GPA among LAUSD teams By Gary Walker A three-year plan for excellence has come to fruition for Westchester Enriched Science Magnets Head Football Coach Wyatt Henderson. His team may have gone 5-and-7 this season, but it also posted the No. 1 grade point average among all Los Angeles City Section schools in 2017 — a combined GPA of 3.6, or mostly As — and received a gold plaque from LAUSD to honor that achievement. “Here in Westchester, we pride ourselves on being the home of scholars and champions. This award is a testament...

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