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Sowing a Revolution

Urban ‘seed librarians’ fight for biodiversity as GMOs tighten their grip on agriculture By Bliss Bowen A revolution in nutrition is gathering momentum, locally and across the globe. Its weapon is seeds, and the Seed Library of Los Angeles — headquartered at The Learning Garden on the campus of Venice High School — is doing its part to arm the citizenry. As its name implies, a seed library is a place where members of the community can check out seeds, as opposed to books. The hope is that eventually these borrowers will return with seeds harvested from their own...

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Love is Love Re: “Real Love,” Cover Story, Feb. 8 Thank you so much for including a same-sex couple in your “Real Love” feature. Mary & Erica, together 25 years — congratulations! Surprisingly large numbers of gay couples live quiet lives on the Westside, including us — 21 years partnered this June. But we do feel invisible at times, not residing in the gay ghettos of West Hollywood or San Francisco. Life stories and romance come in many different and diverse ways.  Love is love. Kyle and Ted Kimbrell Playa del Rey   Why Trust a Fugitive? Re: “Police...

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When Good Times Go Too Far

L.A. plans to crack down on serial party houses with fines and public notices By Gary Walker Soon even the neighbors who weren’t around to call the cops at 2 a.m. will know exactly where the party was — and that it probably won’t happen again. Next month the Los Angeles City Council will consider upping the ante of a municipal ordinance prohibiting “loud or unruly gatherings,” increasing homeowner fines when police are called to break up a party and placing warning signs in front of problem properties for at least a month after they’re busted — a scarlet...

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