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Rags Against The Machine I’m a slim woman in my early 40s — successful in my field — and I am always in jeans, a vintage ripped T-shirt and boots. I mean, ALWAYS. Granted, I have an extremely expensive handbag and perfectly highlighted blonde hair, and I always wear winged eyeliner. My friends say that going “underdressed” like this is disrespectful and inappropriate for (corporate-type) business meetings. Are they right, or is rocking your own thing no matter what a sign of confidence? (P.S. I’d kill myself before I’d wear a blazer.) — Punk Rock Corporate There’s actually something...

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Falling for Flowers

The Unlikely Florist is sweeping Venice off its feet with rustic bouquets and a van named Untho By Christina Campodonico It’s hard not to fall for The Unlikely Florist’s beautiful bouquets. Spilling from a 1980 VW Vanagon, the rustic arrangements of blushing protea, ruddy South African pincushions and mustard-yellow billy balls attract people like spring blossoms charm honey bees. Small children run to the modified camper van parked outside the beachy Great White café on Pacific Avenue as if it were hawking ice cream; parents wrangle them to get a family picture. Aspiring social media influencers flock to the...

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It’s Time for Los Angeles to Reconsider Digital Billboards For many years my husband bravely served as a Culver City police officer, a role that I have long held and continue to hold immense respect for. I am incredibly proud of his service to our community, but when medical issues forced him to retire earlier than we had planned, our family faced many unknowns. Thankfully, a smart investment my father made back in 1993 proved to be our saving grace. That year, Dad was approached with a proposal he knew had great potential — the opportunity to erect a...

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Pessimism is Bad for the Planet

5 Local Climate Change Victories to Celebrate on Earth Day Climate change is a daunting challenge: the problem is global in nature, implementing meaningful solutions can be frustratingly complex, public attention to the issue is as fleeting as a Twitter hashtag, and the stakes are existential. As we approach the 49th annual observance of Earth Day on April 22, it’s completely understandable that many people feel discouraged. The White House is rolling back environmental protections that took decades to establish. California is still recovering from the most destructive wildfires in state history, with increasing scientific consensus that changing weather...

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