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Trouble in Paradise

Filmmaker Ian Shive explores America’s threatened marine national monuments in ‘Hidden Pacific’ By Andrew Dubbins West L.A. conservation photographer Ian Shive had just gotten back from filming three remote marine national monuments in the middle of the Pacific when he found out the Trump administration was considering shrinking and loosening protections on two of them. “We’re the only ones who know what’s out there,” Shive told his staff of the monuments they’d just explored. “So it’s our job to share that with people.” What’s out there are pristine atolls, turquoise waters, sharks, rays, whales, colonies of albatross, old World...

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Keep Up the Rent Control Fight Re: “Landlords 1, Tenants 0,” News, Feb. 1 Here is high praise for Gary Walker’s article concerning rent control and the efforts by local legislators to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act, which keeps cities from expanding rent control protections to newer buildings. Besides stating the situation clearly, naming the people involved and giving the social and legislative context, his piece moved me to action. As a co-chair of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Homeless Solutions Committee I have seen firsthand the relationship between real estate prices and homelessness. My activism on the subject will...

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New Cell Towers Get Bad Reception

Del Rey residents say small ones keep popping up right outside their homes By Gary Walker Once characterized by light industrial uses and relegated to “Marina-adjacent” status, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Del Rey is rapidly filling in with new housing and office space. This evolution has brought with it a deluge of new cell phone towers, infuriating many residents who believe they have little choice about where telecom companies install them. And to a large extent, they’re right. “The reality is that as our state and federal laws are written, they are allowed to build these [towers],” said...

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Westside Voices: What does Black History Month mean in 2018?

It wasn’t so long ago that the Black Lives Matter movement emerged to challenge racial inequity during the second term of the nation’s first black president. More recently, his successor has mounted public attacks against black athletes for taking a knee during the national anthem. These are complicated times, so we asked local luminaries from different walks of the black experience to share their thoughts on Black History Month as a living, evolving cultural statement. Reconcile with Truth “Black History Month is every month. It exists in accepting history and understanding the systematic destruction and distortion of African-American history...

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