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EDUCATION: Passing the Torch  

Civil Rights icon Angela Davis speaks with Crossroads students about prison abolition, community and contemporary activism By Lydia You “Thank you so much, I’m like, so starstruck right now,” an excited Alana Cotwright exclaimed over video chat. Cotwright, a senior at progressive, private K-12 school Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, was speaking to her idol: philosopher, academic, author and iconic American political activist, Dr. Angela Davis. Cotwright and a handful of other students from Crossroads School were participating in an online panel hosted by the school’s Institute of Equity & Justice, which was broadcast on...

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Re: Opinion: ‘Building an Innovative and Inclusive Community: In addressing Los Angeles’ housing needs, Westchester can be a leader,’ By Tara Barauskas, Sept. 17, 2020 I generally love reading my weekly Argonaut. My experience has been that the paper is generally balanced, fair and for the most part shows good judgment. I was very saddened to see the piece run this week regarding plans to build low-income housing in Westchester on Airport Boulevard. The article inferred that Westchester has always been and is still the home of residents who are trying to hold back others in our community. [Opinion...

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The Advice Goddess

Meet Joe Backup The guy I’m seeing is super attentive and affectionate when we’re together, but then he always falls off the grid. He’ll wait weeks before texting me to make plans again, and sometimes I have to initiate. What’s his deal, and how do I proceed? It’s a new relationship, so I’d feel too needy to tell him I want more attention. — Yearning We have a term for a pleasant, attentive man who drops by from time to time and then isn’t seen for weeks, and no, it is not “boyfriend” but “UPS man.” Some will say...

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You Can’t Stop the Beat

A lifetime of adapting to different dance styles has prepared Artistico School of Dance’s Linda Ayentes to pivot in the face of COVID-19 By Katherine Brubaker Linda Ayentes has been a performer her whole life. She started her journey in the spotlight as a rhythmic gymnast in Canada. Today, she owns Artistico School of Dance with her husband in Westchester, which converted to outdoor dance classes earlier this summer and will be continuing outdoor lessons into the fall. Ayentes’ career has been nothing short of fascinating. She seems to have done it all — fearlessly taking on the multi-faceted...

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