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The following is compiled from reports of the Santa Monica Police Department.

ONE MAN ALLEGEDLY ATTEMPTS TO RUN OVER ANOTHER AT GAS STATION A man was arrested in the 2500 block of Lincoln Boulevard around 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, October 26th, after he allegedly attempted to run over a man with his vehicle at a gas station. The victim told police that he was pumping gas at the station when the suspect drove his vehicle into the victim’s car. The victim inspected the damage to his car. The suspect allegedly left his vehicle and began shouting at the victim. The victim began taking photographs of the damage to his car. The suspect allegedly got back in his vehicle and attempted to run over the suspect before fleeing the scene. Police located the suspect in the vicinity of the gas station, arrested him, and booked him in Santa Monica Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The victim was not injured. ALLEGED CLOTHING THIEF ARRESTED Police arrested a woman at Santa Monica Place around 3 p.m. Wednesday, October 27th, after she allegedly walked into a store, concealed clothing under her shirt and in her pants and left the store without paying for the merchandise. Once outside the store, a loss prevention officer detained the woman until police were notified and on the scene. The woman was booked in Santa Monica Jail for petty theft. SUSPECTS ARRESTED FOR PETTY THEFT AT STORE...

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Program to relocate residences near LAX in Manchester Square, Belford communities continues

A program to relocate vacant homes and apartment buildings from the Manchester Square and Airport-Belford areas near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is moving ahead through the Los Angeles World Airports Move-On Housing Program. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the City of Los Angeles agency that operates the city’s four airports. “The demand for housing in Los Angeles continues to be greater than the available housing stock. We believe it is very important to preserve housing in Los Angeles,” said Lourdes Romero, director of the LAWA Voluntary Residential Acquisition and Relocation Program. “It is our goal to move as many buildings as possible to new locations, although a few may not be suitable for relocation and will need to be torn down,” Romero said. Recently, the Move-On Housing team sponsored a tour of houses and apartment buildings approved for sale to qualified nonprofit organizations. Dozens of nonprofit groups are participating in order to enhance the services they provide to local communities throughout Los Angeles. Access Community Housing was one of the first nonprofit organizations to move a house from the program area, LAWA officials said. Access — which develops housing for police, teachers, and nurses — has moved seven homes so far. “We are very positive about the program and delighted to be involved and working with Los Angeles World Airports,” said Herb Child, Access executive director. Manchester...

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Grass Roots president replies to LA DONE manager letter

“It is obvious that Mr. Nelson and DONE (Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment) have continued to want to destroy GRVNC,” said Suzanne Thompson, president of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council (GRVNC) in response to the Greg Nelson letter. “We will continue to support what’s right,” the Grass Roots president said. “I find it terribly discourteous that Greg Nelson did not inform the (GRVNC) board prior to releasing this letter. “Some of our board members do not even use e-mail.” Concerning the issue that made the election invalid — conducting the election of board members the same evening as amendments to bylaws were being voted on — Thompson said: “They could have just thrown the amendments out. Instead they threw the baby out with the bathwater.” Thompson said Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council board members will meet Monday, November 22nd, to discuss the recent DONE decision and to gather public comment on the...

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87-year-old driver in Farmers Market incident will stand trial

George Russell Weller, the 87-year-old Santa Monica man who drove his sedan through the Santa Monica Farmers Market last year, will stand trial, a judge ruled Wednesday, November 3rd. Ten people allegedly died as a result of the incident. Weller was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, November 17th. Weller faces ten counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, which could be punishable by up to 18 years in prison if he is convicted. During a two-week hearing to determine if Weller would face trial, Weller’s attorneys argued that Weller accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal of his 1992 Buick Le Sabre July 16th, 2003, when he drove through the farmers market along Santa Monica’s Arizona Avenue. The prosecution alleges that Weller was acting negligently and that he sent 63 people to the hospital and killed ten, and that he should be held responsible for this criminal act. A California Highway Patrol report alleges that Weller had his eyes open and his hands on the steering wheel while his car traveled 995 feet at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Those killed ranged from seven months to 78 years...

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Argonaut distributed on Wednesday next week; early ad deadlines for Thanksgiving holiday week

The Argonaut will be distributed on Wednesday next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Advertising and news deadlines will also be one day earlier than usual next week because of Thanksgiving. Next week’s Argonaut — dated Thursday, November 25th — will be distributed Wednesday, November 24th. Advertising deadlines for next week’s issue are: — Classified line ads, 4 p.m. Monday, November 22nd. The Argonaut will not be able to accept any classified line ads for next week’s issue after that deadline. — Classified display ads, 10 a.m. Monday, November 22nd; — Real estate open house directory listings, noon Monday, November 22nd; — What’s On ads, noon Thursday, November 18th; and — All other ads, noon Friday, November 19th. Argonaut offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 25th and 26th, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving also will be the 33rd anniversary of the first publication of The Argonaut, November 25th, 1971. Information, (310)...

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