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Locals gearing up for Fourth of July events

It’s hard to believe but next week brings the second half of the year already. Local communities are gearing up for their Independence Day celebrations. SM FIREWORKS — In Santa Monica, Santa Monica College and the city will be holding the wonderful annual “Celebrate America” event Saturday evening, July 3rd, at Santa Monica College Corsair Field. This is truly one of the best local events we have. In addition to the fireworks show, there is music from several groups. This year, the musical portion of the show will conclude with the dynamic USC Trojan Marching Band. Even you UCLA grads are invited to attend. Since we spent two years at UCLA, we probably fall within that group. We have always felt the USC Trojan Marching Band is one of the best bands around. We really enjoyed those days when the UCLA Band and the USC Trojan Marching Band would climb aboard boats and play during the annual Marina boat parades. The dueling college bands brought real zing to those boat parades. Although the SM College fireworks show won’t start until about 9 p.m., it is important to remember that gates will close at 8:45 p.m. The fun begins at 5 p.m. July 3rd. That’s when families with picnics and those who like to sit in the grandstand will be allowed in. Each year families and friends spred out their...

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State Air Resources Board drafts new rules based on Fran Pavley state legislation

The California Air Resources Board released draft regulations Monday, June 14th, based on recent legislation authored by Assemblywoman Fran Pavley. The regulations are designed to help curtail global warming and protect the environment by reducing motor vehicle gas emissions. A coalition that worked to support the Pavley global warming legislation included the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica and the Natural Resources Defense Council, headquartered in Santa Monica. Pavley said the Air Resources Board has “indeed stayed true to the intent and spirit of my bill — to provide cost-effective, technologically feasible regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all classes of vehicles. “These regulations will not limit consumer choice in the car they want to drive, but will simply require the automobile manufacturers to incorporate practical technologies beginning in model year 2009,” Pavley said. Pavley said climate changes resulting from motor vehicle gas emissions may impact California more severely than any other state because: n a melting of the Sierra snow pack could devastate urban and agricultural water supplies; n warmer temperatures create more air pollution and smog for Central Valley cities and communities; and n a relatively small rise in sea level along the state’s 1,100 miles of coastline would damage coastal properties and bring salt water into vital Sacramento River Delta waterways. “California has led the way in reducing air pollution by requiring unleaded fuel,...

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Koretz introduces state measure for smoke-free beaches

Assemblyman Paul Koretz still believes that with amendments legislation to prohibit smoking on all state beaches can move forward. Tuesday, June 22nd, the State Senate Natural Resources Committee turned down Koretz’s proposed legislation. Friday, June 18th, Koretz had promoted his no-smoking ban statewide with a press conference before a backdrop of the California coastline in Santa Monica. Koretz was joined by Santa Monica mayor Richard Bloom and Santa Monica mayor pro tem Kevin McKeown, Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss and local advocates for smoke-free beaches. “Families visiting the beach shouldn’t have to share the sand with millions of nasty cigarette butts, nor should they have to breathe in the dangerous second-hand smoke,” Koretz said. The new bill, Assembly Bill 1583, would deem smoking on a public coastal beach an infraction punishable by a $250 fine. Several cities, including Santa Monica and Los Angeles, have recently passed ordinances to restrict smoking on beaches in their jurisdictions. Los Angeles County Tuesday approved a temporary pilot program to prohibit smoking during summer months on two beaches in its jurisdiction, including Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey. “Recent beach smoking bans in cities have marked the beginning of a change in attitude, and smoking on beaches is becoming socially unacceptable,” Weiss said. Despite the treatment received by Assembly Bill 1583 at the State Senate Natural Resources Committee, Wednesday Koretz was optimistic he...

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John Adams Middle School gets grant for garden

John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica is one of six schools to receive a grant for its school garden from the California Fertilizer Foundation. The school uses its garden as part of classroom learning, a garden club and cafeteria supplement. Students and teachers who participate in the school’s “Salad Bar Gardens Co-Op” get free salad bar lunches. The teachers also use the gardens to help illustrate lessons in math, science and literature. John Adams Middle School “proves that gardens help students feed their minds and their stomachs at the same time,” a foundation spokesman says Founded in 1999, the Fertilizer Foundation promotes awareness of plant nutrients and agriculture in California. Through the garden grant program, the foundation has donated more than $40,000 to schools throughout the...

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It’s now illegal to smoke on Mothers Beach

It is now illegal to smoke on Mothers Beach in the Marina. The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to ban smoking on the Marina beach during summer months through Labor Day. Smoking will be permitted in parking lots adjacent to the beach. “No smoking” signs are expected to be posted by the July 4th weekend, county officials said. The Marina Beach smoking ban was supported by Supervisor Don Knabe. But Knabe said he didn’t want lifeguards turning into a “smoke patrol.” “When you are at the beach, you want (the lifeguards) forward, not backward” chasing smokers, Knabe...

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