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Nutcracker Sisters

Dancing siblings help bring back holiday classic By Bridgette M. Redman The dancers of Westside Ballet were eager to get back on Santa Monica College’s Broad Stage this year and perform the perennial favorite “The Nutcracker” for the large audiences that they missed last year. The show opened last weekend and will continue for three shows this coming Saturday and Sunday. It is a performance that will welcome back a former dancer in the principal role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and feature a set of twins and two members of a set of triplets in several other roles. Daniella Zhou, a high school senior, returned from Miami to dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Zhou joined Westside Ballet when she was 11 and has danced with them for the past nine years — until this past August when she was offered a place with the Pre-Professional Division at Miami City Ballet for their 2021-2022 season. “(Daniella) ascended through the levels by her natural talent, combined with a strong work ethic, strength and sublime artistry,” said Martine Harley, Westside Ballet’s artistic director. “She brings incredible variety and distinctive traits to whatever she dances. Her composure, grace, dedication and humility –– both on and off stage –– are quite rare. We are absolutely elated to have Daniella make her debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy in our 2021...

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Coronavirus by the numbers and local updates

Compiled by Kamala Kirk Cases and deaths by neighborhood as of November 28: Culver City: 3,069 (deaths 117); Del Rey: 41 (deaths one); El Segundo: 1,144 (deaths 10); Marina del Rey: 742 (deaths four); Mar Vista: 3,069 (deaths 37); Palms: 3,596 (deaths 67); Playa del Rey: 193 (deaths one); Playa Vista: 916 (deaths 12); Santa Monica: 7,093 (deaths 195); Venice: 2,892 (deaths 19); Westchester: 3,777 (deaths 59) Total Westside cases: 26,532 Total Westside deaths: 522 Total confirmed cases in LA County: 1,525,486 Total deaths in LA County: 27,128 Total new cases as of November 28: 575 Total new deaths: 7 Hospitalizations: 565 Positivity rate (seven-day daily average): .96% Total number of people tested: 9,401,574 (Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public...

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A crisis of compassion, not housing Editor: Hooray! The county tells us we have housed 229 people last month. Unfortunately, 234 new people fell into homelessness in that same period! No wonder the streets, encampments and neighborhood tent counts look dismal…worser and worser. The largest groups of people to become homeless are the elderly, recently incarcerated and youth aging out of the foster system. And we overwhelmingly do not welcome these folks to our neighborhoods. Meanwhile, a four-story giant is being completed across the street from our modest single-family house. It will likely stay at least half unoccupied for six months or longer as the Westside housing prices continue to climb and the fentanyl prices decline. We have a compassion crisis as much or more than a housing crisis. No small part of the solution is Permanent Supportive Housing, but good luck trying to find a location for low-cost housing short of a full court press by attorneys for outraged home owners. Landlords and homeowners could do a great deal to reduce the concern and even hysteria over affordable housing. The T-shirt reading “I support housing for unhoused people in my neighborhood” should become a middle-class mantra rather than a cautionary alert for people attacking the local politician. We must adjust our compassion quotient or expect a much worse quality of life in the sunshine state. Robin Doyno Mar Vista Secretary Deb Haaland needs to act to save the wolves Editor: Wolves are...

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Opinion: Another 126,000 Reasons to Stop Drilling for Oil off California’s Coast

By Harris Silver There was no storm, no tidal wave, no earthquake, no act of nature that ruptured a 17-mile 40-year-old pipeline three miles off the coast of Southern California that led to an unknown quantity of oil to spill into the Pacific Ocean. Rather, it was – as all oil spills are – a preventable act. Oil is toxic to marine life. While there have been reports of birds soaked in oil and dead fish, dead animals are not a way to keep score. They don’t begin to tell the story of the devastation to life from an oil spill, including to plankton – a food source to large and small aquatic animals. They don’t begin to shift our understanding of the ocean from a place that holds life, to something that itself is alive. While an investigation will take months to complete the initial cause of the leak, is the likely entanglement of a cargo ship’s anchor with the undersea pipeline. While this may have happened, it is not the cause of the leak. The cause of the leak is lack of accountability, greed, and a broken regulatory system that allows for the unsafe extraction and transportation of oil through aging and improperly maintained network of underwater pipelines. It’s not a surprise that the owner of the pipeline Amplify Energy was formed out of bankruptcy, has a...

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Bringing the Heat

Hot Dog on a Stick offers limited-time Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sticks By Kamala Kirk Iconic beach born brand, Hot Dog on a Stick, has partnered with Frito-Lay/PepsiCo to create limited-time Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sticks. Playing up on the brand’s famous Party Batter, which all the stick items are dipped in, the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot topping adds spice and crunch to everyone’s favorite stick item. Any stick item on the menu (Original Turkey, Beef, Veggie or Cheese) can be transformed into a Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Stick. Also new on the menu is the fresh Strawberry Mango Lemonade hand-stomped with Tajin seasoning mixed throughout. The sweet and tart beverage is available in original or frozen. The limited-time Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sticks are available through January 16, 2022 at Hot Dog on a Stick locations throughout Los Angeles including Culver City and Santa Monica. Hot Dog on a Stick Muscle Beach 1633 Ocean Front, Santa Monica (310) 395-4673 Hot Dog on a Stick Westfield Culver City 6000 S. Sepulveda Blvd., #2286, Culver City (310) 391-0896...

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