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Marina entry northern channel shoaling up again

The northern entrance to Marina del Rey is almost half filled with silt and sand again. Sheriff’s officials are putting out buoys, warning boaters of the dangers. Interestingly, the shoaling almost drops straight down at the channel water edges, leaving some 15 feet of the water for boaters entering and leaving the Marina, members of the Westchester-LAX/Marina del Rey Marina Affairs Committee were told by Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station officers last week. Look for more talk about a dredging project at the site down the road. A figure of $12 million for such a project is being tossed about. CAROLE STEVENS RESIGNS — County Small Craft Harbor Commissioner Carole Stevens resigned last week from the commission, officially leaving only two members on the five-member commission. Stevens had been recuperating in a Culver City hospital until last week when she was released and taken by family members to the East Coast, to be nearer her family. Her medical condition had deteriorated to a point where “she couldn’t be alone anymore” in her Marina apartment, we were told. We will miss Carole. As a longtime Marina resident, she was an active participant in the Marina lifestyle, taking part in a long string of community activities. As we were reminded last week, “You couldn’t go to a community event without running into Carole.” She especially enjoyed the outdoor summer concerts in...

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Mixed-use plan at Admiralty, Palawan Ways in Marina is scaled back, new design offered

Revised plans for a mixed-use project called The Waterfront that would replace the Harbor House and Edie’s Diner restaurants and a county parking lot at Admiralty and Palawan Ways in Marina del Rey was unveiled during a meeting last week of the Westchester/ LAX-Marina del Rey Chamber of Commerce Marina Affairs Committee. EMC Development Company, headed by Edward M. Czuker, is seeking to develop the site into 292 residential units and 34,300 square feet of restaurant and retail space, which would include a 13,000-square-foot Trader Joe’s market on the far eastern portion of the parcel, about where the present Edie’s Diner is. The restaurants would be about 10,000 square feet each, Czuker said. The Admiralty Way side of the project would be as high as 65 feet — a reduction of more than 35 feet from original plans for the project. The revised plan also eliminates office space from the project, allowing more retail space. “EMC Development is looking to attract high-end restaurants like P.F. Chang’s and Houston’s to The Waterfront and has a letter of intent from specialty market Trader Joe’s, which would be opening its first market in the Marina at The Waterfront,” a spokesman for the project said. COUNTY RFP — In April 2003, the county issued a “request for proposal” (RFP) for redevelopment of the site. The county RFP included a required “mixed-use” element that...

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LA Auto Show offers variety from 600-plus hp ‘muscle-cars’ to practical vehicles for the family

The L.A. Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center downtown runs through Sunday, January 15th. The show theme is “hybrids and horsepower” and there sure are lots of each. There are 30 new vehicle debuts, plus concept cars that come straight from science-fiction movies. “Hybrid” is, of course, the latest buzz, what with fuel prices and environmental issues much at the forefront of today’s news. The idea of vehicles that combine electric motors and fuel-efficient gasoline engines started with the Toyota Prius and Honda’s Civic and Accord. But now the concept has spread to trucks and SUVs. Another trend is the growing number of “crossover” vehicles that at times are hard to classify. Is it an SUV? A truck? A wagon? Whatever works for the buyer seems to apply. Now the Auto Show has six SUVs and/or trucks available as hybrids. As for horsepower? How about the new Maybach 57S from Mercedes’ partner company AMG, which has more than 600 horses — 612 horsepower, if you must be picky — and a price tag that starts at $450,000? Add a few trinkets and it easily can climb to $475,000. Why you need 600-plus horses on the 15-to-20-mile-an-hour San Diego Freeway was not explained, at least while we were standing there. Frankly, we were more impressed with the Toyota Yaris, a new compact four-door that replaces the Toyota Echo,...

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Looking back at 2005

Last week, The Argonaut looked back at what happened in our local area during the first six months of 2005. This week, we review the last six months of the year in our local area. JULY A lively diversity symbolized the beachfront installation of new Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl July 2nd at Venice Beach. Music ranged from tunes from The Rocky Horror Show by the Great American Yankee Band to Japanese taiko from the Venice Japanese Community Center. Newly installed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also attended. City of Los Angeles firefighters held a torch run through the city July 9th, beginning at City Fire Station 95 in Westchester. The goal was to raise funds for a Fallen Firefighters Memorial being built in Hollywood. The Boys & Girls Club of Venice opened a new thrift shop at 13347 Washington Blvd., between Walgrove and Centinela Avenues, to raise funds for the youth club. The annual Fourth of July parade in Westchester drew 50 units that included lots of flags, children and patriotic floats. The County Board of Supervisors approved $850,000 in funds July 5th to help pay for a new $3.7 million patrol boat for the County Sheriff’s Department in Marina del Rey. The patrol boat is designed to respond to any terrorist attacks to aircraft departing from Los Angeles International Airport over Santa Monica Bay. The City of Santa Monica...

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Coughing, sputtering and now a call for sandbags on New Year’s Eve

We go limping out of the old year, coughing and sputtering, feeling much like that old fellow with the scythe. Thank goodness there will be a new baby standing by to carry us all on into 2006. It’s amazing how many of us came down with colds just as the holiday arrived. Yes, we know, sick staffers are supposed to go home so that they don’t spread their colds to others in the office. Our problem is that the paper still has to get out, we have the usual number of staffers away on holiday vacation and most of us are coughing and sputtering anyway. Were it not for the fact that we had a very interesting year here in our distribution area, we’d probably not be as bouncy as we are. Each year we get to review what happened during the past 12 months. The first half of our report is published this week and if we can hold ourselves and our temperamental computer together long enough, we will have the second half ready for next week. THINGS GOT DONE — In earlier years, we generally reported on promised projects that hadn’t yet started or seemed bogged down forever. This year, we can honestly say the list of things that got done or are under way is quite impressive. LAX AGREEMENT TO AGREE — One starts with that...

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