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The Advice Goddess

I’m a 30-year-old gay man with a new boyfriend. He is a total social butterfly: the kind of person who shows up to a bar on a random Friday night and just happens to know 10 people there. I, on the other hand, don’t love being super social. It’s not that I’m shy. I just find socializing exhausting. I really like him, and we mostly hang out one-on-one. However, the times we are with a lot of other people, even when they’re a bunch of his friends, I feel a little overwhelmed. I’m worried he’ll find me boring because...

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A Thai-British Scotch Egg  

By Amy Watsky You might be thinking Thai and British… what!? It may sound like an unlikely combo but hear me out! Coming from a multicultural background, I’m always trying to find ways to meld together my Japanese and Jewish culture in the kitchen. While the ingredients from both sides could not be more different, they often combine to make something uniquely harmonious; something I see as a sweet reference to my family. And of course, it goes beyond just Japanese and Jewish; there are so many different cuisines in the world that have uniquely delicious components that, when...

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Making a Statement  

By Kellie Chudzinski Black Lives Matter protests poured into the streets of Los Angeles’ wealthiest neighborhoods in late May through early June, with more recent demonstrations spilling into nearby Westwood. Playa del Rey, often noted as the city’s last sleepy beach town, was relatively unaffected by the thousands of protesters who took to the streets in nearby Venice and Santa Monica earlier this year. But moved by the need for equal justice and equality, local artist Rob Revere sought to use his art to give his neighbors a reminder of the daily fight Black communities face. Following George Floyd’s...

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Paper Playground

By Julia Escobar Born from the ashes of school closures and isolation, the new Farmers Market Zine has planted a seed for a new community of young artists and writers that stretches from West Los Angeles all the way to the Canadian border. Seventeen-year-old Annabel Axtell, a rising senior at Culver City High School, founded the teen and young adult print magazine composed of art from local and international high school students. The inaugural issue will come out at the end of July. Creative works from everywhere under the sun, in every genre — photography, paintings, music playlists (with...

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A Jack of All Trades

By Dev Jaiswal Samir Mallya does it all — math, comedy, ice skating, teaching — all while excelling in school and earning a spot at a top university. “Passions are made to pursue,” says Mallya, who plans to attend UCLA this fall. Mallya credits his high school program’s flexibility as the reason he was able to do all of his co-curricular activities. He graduated from California Connections Academy Southern California, a free online public school. Mallya started at Connections in sixth grade. He most appreciated being able to schedule his own school day. Not having to set aside a...

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