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Marina del Rey: Still a threat of West Nile Virus in Marina, vector staff tells Small Craft Harbor panel

There is still a threat of the West Nile Virus in the Marina del Rey area, the County Small Craft Harbor Commission was told by West Vector Control staff Wednesday, November 10th. Daily monitoring and treatment of certain areas is continuing to be performed, the vector control representative told the commission during the commission’s monthly meeting in the Burton Chace Park Community Building. Local areas such as the Oxford Flood Control Basin in the Marina, Ballona Creek and the Del Rey Lagoon in Playa del Rey are regularly inspected and treated by West Vector Control staff, the commission was told. The staff suggested five “D” rules to follow to eradicate breeding areas for mosquitoes: -drain — drain all standing water that’s collected in various areas by your home; – dress — wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants when you go outside; – dawn and dusk— these are the times mosquitoes are most prevalent; – deny — deny access to your home by tightening screens on windows and doors; and – Deet (diethyltoluamide) — use a repellant with Deet to protect your skin from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can’t spawn in salt water, but fountains, ponds and other freshwater areas are breeding places, the vector control staff said. If a bird that has died within the past 24 hours is found, the West Nile Virus office of the Vector Control Department should...

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Harman, Waters ask FAA not to approve LAX master plan until local review process completed

Two local congresswomen are asking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) not to accept a proposed Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) master plan until the local review of the controversial plan is completed. Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Jane Harman have written U.S. transportation secretary Norman Mineta, asking that the FAA not issue an approval of the LAX Master Plan, the plan’s environmental impact statement or other LAX Master Plan documents, or issue an official decision on the LAX plan until the course of local government review is completed. Waters represents the 35th Congressional District, which includes Westchester, and Harman the coastal 36th Congressional District, which includes a narrow portion of Playa del Rey and Venice. The congresswomen’s letter to Mineta states that they had received information that the local office of the FAA had intended to approve the LAX airport layout plan after the full Los Angeles City Council voted on LAX modernization, which it approved last week. The congresswomen warned of reports that the FAA would make its LAX recommendation regardless of local, political and legal developments almost certain to occur. The congresswomen told Mineta that the specific shape of modernization of the airport is unresolved and that the approval given by the City Council on October 19th would still require further hearings by the Los Angeles Airport Land Use Committee, the Los Angeles City Council, various council committees...

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Neighborhood Councils can help or hurt, says LA DONE manager Greg Nelson

Neighborhood Councils in the City of Los Angeles have the power to help or hurt city officials and this Neighborhood Council power goes far beyond City Hall, City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) director Greg Nelson told members of the Mar Vista Community Council. The Mar Vista Community Council is the official Neighborhood Council for the Mar Vista area. Nelson spoke at a quarterly stakeholder meeting of the Mar Vista organization Tuesday, October 12th. Also speaking at the meeting was Neal Richman of the UCLA Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy. Nelson reviewed how the Neighborhood Councils concept started in Los Angeles, citing the success of such Neighborhood Councils in other cities. “Attending a City Council meeting in another state, I was amazed when a city councilman said he couldn’t vote until he had received a response from the Neighborhood Council,” Nelson said. Nelson said keys to success for a Neighborhood Council are threefold: n how the Neighborhood Council conducts business and represents neighborhood diversity; n how the Neighborhood Council communicates with its stakeholders; and n how the Neighborhood Council develops a good working relationship with city officials. “Petitions are next to meaningless, and it’s much more effective for 15 people to write letters to officials than to have 100 signatures on petitions,” Nelson said. Nelson urged Neighborhood Councils to support each other on issues,...

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Attorney wants Kingswood rent case moved to San Francisco

The attorney representing plaintiffs in a case against the county and Archstone Smith Operating Trust — lessee of the Kingswood Garden parcel in Marina del Rey — wants a change of venue because the attorney claims his clients can’t receive a fair trial from Superior Court judges who receive payments from the county, one of the lawsuit defendants. The suit concerns alleged excessive rent increases and other tenant issues at Kingswood Village. Attorney Richard Fine wants the Kingswood Village case moved to San Francisco. Fine represents two Marina del Rey groups — the Coalition to Save the Marina and the Marina Tenants Association — and three individuals in the case against the county, Archstone Smith Operating Trust and Kingswood Village Apartments-Marina del Rey. Fine says that two judges who received the case did not disqualify themselves from hearing a case where the judges received money from the county, one of the defendants. Fine says he is concerned about whether his clients can receive a fair trial from the judges. Fine wants the case heard in San Francisco because San Francisco is one of two counties in the state where Superior Court judges don’t receive extra funding from a county. Fine says the County of Los Angeles pays Los Angeles Superior Court judges approximately $36,000 each per year in excess of state-paid salaries — or 26 percent of their salaries....

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