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Anniversary thank-yous

General Manager The Argonaut celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 6th, with the generous assistance of the Marina del Rey Hotel and many members of the local community. We would like to thank you all for helping to make the event the great success that it was, because over the years, our loyal readership and our advertisers are what has contributed to The Argonaut continuing to be the newspaper our communities turn to for local news. Preliminary photos of the event are on our Facebook page, and in next week’s issue, we will have more photos of this celebratory event....

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We’re 40 years old this month and full of ‘thanksgiving’

General Manager I’m paraphrasing the headline from Argonaut founder and former publisher Dave Johnson’s fifth year anniversary editorial. In researching our advertisers and events taking place in early editions of The Argonaut for this anniversary, I was transported back to those years and reminded of all the changes this area has undergone. We’ve grown into quite a vibrant community made up of boaters, tenants, homeowners, and many small and large businesses. There are all sorts of organizations and clubs in this community such as neighborhood councils, chambers of commerce, Rotary, Lions Club and more. The Marina area chamber of commerce has grown from a small local group into one of the more influential chambers in the area, made up of tireless community members striving to make this a better place to live and work. We try to keep our readers informed with local news of interest that affect our lives, be it the airports – both Los Angeles International and Santa Monica – charter schools, expansion of light rail on the Westside, human interest stories that show the caring side of our community, or the work done to revive the Ballona Wetlands and upgrade Sepulveda Boulevard. We owe a debt of thanks to our staff members who have worked through these difficult years to keep the paper at its best and taken on the extra efforts needed at times....

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Our Christmas Wish

As The Argonaut begins its 40th year, we thought our readers would be interested in reading our late founder Dave Johnson’s editorial for the paper’s first Christmas issue published Dec. 23, 1971. At the time, The Argonaut published twice monthly and covered Marina del Rey, the Marina Peninsula and the Villa Marina condominiums. We now cover these communities and also Del Rey, Mar Vista, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Venice and Westchester. Editorially Speaking: Our Christmas Wish As with many of you new residents in the area, this will be the Argonaut’s first Christmas in Marina del Rey. It is an exciting place to be at holiday time. Many of the local boat owners have gone out of their way to decorate their boats in a holiday spirit and the lights bouncing off the water have made everyone’s Christmas here a little more enjoyable. The same can be said for the many apartment residents in the Marina, Villa Marina and along the Peninsula who have put up colorful lights and decorations. Our year-end reports indicate we’ve had another good year at Marina del Rey. The economic picture seems to be brighter and our nation appears to be easing out of its number one problem at the moment – the Southeast Asian war. Perhaps by next Christmas all our combat troops will be home – a thought that...

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A Holiday Message

BY RIKKI BARKER As we sit down to our Thanksgiving table, it may seem that there is little to be thankful for as the economy continues to struggle, the housing market is in shambles and many families are dealing with the difficulties of making ends meet. It may sound bleak, but times like these bring out the best in people. Thanksgiving is more of a concept than just the story of Native Americans sharing their food with the Pilgrims. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our values and our spirit. We have the chance to remind ourselves and teach our children about charity and tolerance. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the things that we have and sharing our values with others. There are countless groups who get together to help those in need. Wherever I go, there are people collecting donations or food to feed the hungry. Charities, as strapped as they are, continue to minister to those who need help the most. Families invite friends to their table, singles meet to celebrate the day together, and we reach out to our faraway friends and relatives to wish them well. “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” – W.T. Purkiser. We at The Argonaut wish all of you, our loyal readers, advertisers and friends a...

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The Argonaut tries a new managing style, the executive committee

Although a relative newcomer to The Argonaut staff (with only five years under my belt), I have been an avid reader of the paper since it was first published. My hobby of sailing became my lifestyle when I moved aboard my boat in the late ’80s. Darien Murray was a good friend and she is the one who suggested I interview at the paper. I came, I saw and they hired me. Yay! I enjoy the diversity of the work in a local newspaper and the opportunity to make the paper as good as possible. As ad director, I became part of the “executive committee,” a three-person group that took over the day-to-day running of the paper when David Johnson decided to go into semi-retirement. The group is made up of our present publisher Carol Hector, our business manager Carole Keenan, and myself. Dave made sure we attended events where he could introduce his “ladies” and proudly tell of our accomplishments and how we had made his life so easy. The concept of an executive committee was intriguing, especially among those from other newspapers. Dave wanted to insure that The Argonaut would have continuity into the future, with or without him. It may not work for all papers, but we are lucky to balance each other and bring diverse opinions and experience to the...

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