The family of Bradman Bracy invited more than 50 of his teachers and mentors, along with family and friends, to celebrate the end of his high school career in a Teacher Appreciation Day event at the Proud Bird restaurant in Westchester Sunday, April 26th.

Brad, a senior at Westchester High School, has autism. He is one of many special needs students who were included in regular classrooms in the Los Angeles Unified School District. LAUSD staff members made accommodations for the students so that he would feel at ease in class.

“Thanks goes to Los Angeles Unified’s teachers and staff for being there,” said Florence Bracy, Brad’s mother. “He has been fortunate to have the support of many individuals who provided what he needed, a little extra time and accommodations in delivering lessons and him receiving it.

“Brad has had the help of teachers, mentors, tutors, therapists and supporters along the way.”

Bracy’s son will graduate this spring with a 3.2 grade point average from High School Scholars, a non-profit that recognizes excellent grade point performances.

“My dream was to have my son become a productive citizen in society, one who would have a fulfilling life enjoying the same experiences and opportunities that a ‘normal’ child would,” Florence Bracy said proudly.

Brad Bracy thanked each one of his teachers and mentors at the ceremony, saying “I appreciate all that you did for me” at the end of his speeches. His mother and father, Charles, gave them each certificates of thanks.

His supporters gave him several standing ovations after he concluded his speech.

The luncheon was essentially to thank the many educators and school staff members who played a significant role in the young man’s successful journey to graduation.

The celebration also combined the end of Autism Awareness Month and the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins in May.

“With the help of individuals over his lifetime that have supported his education and development, Brad is graduating from high school with a diploma,” said Florence Bracy. “His plans after high school include attending a community college to study cinema, working part time and continuing his interests in basketball, golf, cooking, and dramatic arts.”

“We are so proud of Brad’s progress. He did not get there alone, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of LAUSD, the regional center, and so many supporters,” Bracy concluded.