The City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Commissioners awarded $1.5 million for Ballona Creek water quality improvement projects in an effort to stop trash and debris from entering the creek and Santa Monica Bay.

A contract was awarded to the Clarke Contracting Corporation Tuesday, November 29th, for 170 days of work.

For some time, city officials have acknowledged that Ballona Creek is a major source of floating trash and debris that is deposited on the beaches of Santa Monica Bay after heavy rains.

In-Line Netting TrashTrap systems will be used to trap floatable and solid material in an effort to capture the debris before it reaches the bay.

Installation involves excavating down to the storm drain line and breaking into the reinforced concrete pipe to place the pre-fabricated net systems.

Systems will be installed at Van Ness Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard, Western Avenue and First Street, and Nicolet Avenue and Coliseum Street.

These locations were selected because of the high volumes of trash and debris generated from drainage in those areas, city officials said.