The Bay Club Apartments and Marina was one of three projects before the Marina del Rey Design Control Board at its meeting Thursday, August 28th, at the Burton Chace Park Community Building in Marina del Rey.

BAY CLUB APARTMENTS AND MARINA — The Bay Club Apartments and Marina project at 14015 Tahiti Way (Parcel 8) in Marina del Rey, received a conceptual approval recommendation after Design Control Board members at a July meeting had continued the project, asking the applicant, NF Marina, LP, an affiliate of Decron Properties, to “step way back” and consider a variety of issues relating to the “language of the architecture” of the project.

The applicant would return to the Design Control Board with details of colors, landscaping, signage, lighting and materials after entitlement by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning.

Design Control Board chair Susan Cloke, vice chair Peter Phinney and board members Simon Pastucha, David Abelar and Tony Wong had unanimously agreed that the applicant of the proposed renovation project should consider “celebrating the length of the buildings rather than trying to disguise them and therefore drawing more attention to them.”

The property is managed by Decron Properties, and its president, David Nagel, gave the presentation for project revisions at the meeting.

Nagel said his team had listened to the suggestions of the Design Control Board members and that the new design is now more focused on the horizontal length of the buildings, and changes to color, materiel and lighting.

Nagel offered a reconfiguration of the dock with an area in the center compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, but this would call for a variance request, and Cloke said that she didn’t advise that, prompting Nagel to say his team would then go with the original proposal for the docks.

The following project descriptions are from county documentation.

The existing development is approximately 11.5 acres with 4.5 acres of land area and seven acres of water area.

There would be two linear three-story apartment structures with 204 residential units (102 in each building) constructed over an open-air at-grade parking garage, a central two-story clubhouse (with one penthouse apartment on a part of the second floor of the clubhouse) with an adjacent pool on the marina side, and an anchorage with 230 boat slips and 11 end ties.

Approximately 30 percent of the docks would require replacement due to deterioration, and none of them meet current ADA-compliant requirements or California Department of Boating and Waterways standards. Meeting ADA standards would reduce the number of boat slips from 230 to 207, but the 11 end ties would remain, according to the applicant.

Proposed building improvements of the two apartment buildings and clubhouse include complete renovation, with the existing red clay tile mansard roofs to be replaced with a parapet to complement the new building exterior, which would be the same color as the frame of the new building.

One of the two existing flanking vertical projections at each one of the four lobbies fronting Tahiti Way would be eliminated, leaving only one vertical projection, which would remain at the current height of 43 feet, ten inches on the Tahiti Way side and 47 feet, eight inches on the marina side.

All the existing heavily textured plaster material would be sandblasted and new smooth sand-finished stucco would be applied.

The long, continuous balcony rails would be removed and a portion of the existing balconies would be enclosed and utilized as additional living space within the apartment units, creating a new exterior edge wall with inset windows.

A new balcony rail system comprised of aluminum railings with a baked-on finish and white glass inserts would be installed. The wood fascia board would be replaced with cementitious fiber board. The side walls of the balconies would be further framed by simulated wood cementitious siding and the existing balcony surface would be replaced with new waterproof non-skid surfacing material.

The pool, the two-story clubhouse and the second-floor penthouse would be completely renovated. A portion of the west wing of the clubhouse would be demolished to improve the view corridor and accessway from Tahiti Way to the marina, enabling the narrow 12-foot-wide existing driveway from Tahiti Way to the promenade to be widened to a 22-foot wide two-way driveway with landscaping on both sides, increasing the view corridor to 22 feet.

The roof terrace of the clubhouse would receive glass handrails and a new foot-traffic-bearing surface comprised of tile.

The existing tile mansard roof would be replaced with a new parapet installed to complement the frame of the new clubhouse.

Anchorage improvements would include construction of a new anchorage meeting modern marina standards and complying with ADA and Department of Boating and Waterways standards.

The applicant proposes the use of a pre-manufactured concrete dock system, providing a clean, modern appearance that requires minimal maintenance, with the main walks constructed of concrete with a brushed, non-skid finish. The ramps would utilize aluminum trusses, and the newly installed guide piles would be pre-stressed concrete. The docks would not be painted and would retain the natural color of their various building materials.

All timber used for the anchorage would contain pressure-treated preservatives to extend useful timber life and would meet all state and federal requirements.

The new anchorage would incorporate in its design a sewage pump-out system/station connecting directly into the sanitary sewer systems, as well as utility connections and dock boxes at each dock. A consolidated utility panel would be pre-finished steel, aluminum or stainless steel sheet metal, with colors to match the railings.