to promote Parkinsonís disease research April 26th

Hundreds of people are expected to take part in the Parkinsonís Beach Brigade Walk-a-thon Sunday, April 26th in Santa Monica to help raise awareness and funds for Parkinsonís disease research.

The event, which includes a two-mile walk, fair and educational expo, provides an opportunity for the Los Angeles community to come together to celebrate and recognize the more than one million Americans who are affected by Parkinsonís disease and their families and friends, event organizers say.

Registration is $25, and participants are encouraged to raise funds by obtaining sponsorships from family and friends.

Actress CCH Pounder is the master of ceremonies for the event.

To receive more information on Parkinsonís disease and the Parkinsonís Beach Brigade, or to lend support and donate,, or (818) 486-2111.