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Photo by Rob Klyver












A 70-foot wooden boat that washed ashore in Playa del Rey on Feb. 27 during heavy swells remains abandoned on the beach, a canvas for taggers as county officials contemplate what to do with it.

As many as three people were helped off the boat when it beached, but the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station’s Harbor Patrol has been unable to contact the vessel’s owner since then — likely leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for its removal.

“His insurance had lapsed on the boat, so we really don’t expect to hear from him anymore,” Sgt. Mike Carriles said.

The boat grounded after pulling away from where it had been anchored at sea, likely due to having too small an anchor, Carriles said.

The Los Angeles County Dept. of Beaches and Harbors was initially contacted to remove the boat but was unable to do so.

“The vessel is too large to be towed out of its current condition. It likely will need to be disassembled and disposed of close to its current location. That requires special equipment and is quite costly,” said Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman Carol Baker.

The Harbor Patrol is currently weighing options for removal, Carriles said.

— Gary Walker