The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors is planning to remove various eucalyptus trees at Yvonne B. Burke Park in Marina del Rey due to imminent danger of their collapse caused by a sulfur fungus infection.

Due to rain storms late last month, two large trees approximately 40 feet high in Burke Park collapsed due to fungal infection, posing serious danger to nearby residents as well as to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, a Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman said. A third tree was then determined to be in danger of imminent collapse and was subsequently removed.

Beaches and Harbors crews began additional planned tree removals at the end of the month with 17 Blue Gum Eucalyptus trees located along the northern boundary of Yvonne Burke Park, the spokeswoman said.

The department notes that a total of 63 eucalyptus trees in Burke Park have been identified as posing further danger of failure due to fungal infection or root decay. The other 46 trees will beremoved in upcoming phases.

Two independent ISA certified arborists diagnosed these trees based on the presence of growths (conks) on the trunks, which indicate extensive internal damage, according to Beaches and Harbors.

In addition to the trees showing various levels of decay from the fungal pathogen, those trees that have severely decayed anchor roots and are growing disproportionately to one side will also be removed as public safety hazards, the department spokeswoman said.

According to the department, the remaining trees currently show no indications of damage or disease, but will be closely monitored for any changes to their health and will be removed promptly if signs of deterioration appear.

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