A State of the Marina 2012 project presentation by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors was given to members of the Marina Affairs Committee at its Jan. 18 meeting.

The committee is one of several committees of the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce.

Gary Jones, deputy director of asset management and planning for Beaches and Harbors, made the presentation and also introduced Carol Baker, who was appointed two months ago as the division chief and public information officer of marketing and community services for Beaches and Harbors.

Jones said the presentation was intended to provide both a look back at 2011 and a view to the future in 2012 and beyond. He noted that several Marina del Rey projects had received approval for land use amendments from the California Coastal Commission in November, as well as approval for the Master Waterside Coastal Development Permit (CDP).

Regarding the Beaches and Harbors Strategic Plan internal priorities, Jones said that the department received a state funding grant to improve the public launch ramp and docks; an application for a grant was submitted to the state for a boat house at Burton Chace Park; and some funds have been approved for dredging of the Marina harbor. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently reviewing proposals to dredge one million cubic yards of sediment from the harbor.

Jones said the department hopes to receive more funds for a full dredging. The sediment would be transported to the Port of Long Beach and substantial savings would be realized by this project, since the alternative would have been to spend funds to transport the sediment elsewhere for disposal, said Jones.

Focusing on 2012, Jones listed several projects that received renewed lease options: Parcel FF/10 – Legacy Apartments at Marquesas Way; Parcel 21 – Holiday Harbor at Panay Way; Parcel OT – the proposed Oceana retirement facility at Washington Boulevard with public access from Admiralty Way; Parcel 8 – Bay Club Apartments at Tahiti Way; and Parcel 64 – Archstone’s Breakwater Apartments at Fiji Way, currently undergoing renovation (formerly Villa Venetia).

Jones said that the Beaches and Harbors’ strategic plan’s goals are to focus on internal effectiveness, service and excellence, and visioning of the third generation of development. Minimizing disruption to residents and businesses is also a major priority. Jones said that Beaches and Harbors Director Santos Kreimann is functioning as the city manager for the county’s Marina assets.

New software has been implemented for management as an integrated system, an improvement on dealing with a “patchwork” system, he said.

The four goals of the strategic plan include environmental stewardship; promoting clean water and harbor initiatives; working with lessees to improve service excellence; and transparency in the department’s processes. The department is working with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning on the visioning process over the next 18 months, along with proposed amendments to the Marina del Rey Land Use Plan (LUP) and updating documents over the next 20 years.

A 3-D modeling system is being worked on by county staff for redevelopment and renovations, with input from lessees on proposed projects, to provide the public with a concept of the projects’ plans, Jones explained. This system would be available online for the public to learn about proposed developments.

Marina del Rey lease expirations over the next 25 years are being identified as part of the visioning process. Leases that are due to expire 10, 15 and 20 years from now will be reviewed for proposals that may be in play. Properties with extended leases are not included in that review, he said. Once the Bay Club Apartments project has obtained financing options, it will be removed from that lease expiration map, Jones noted.

A “macro-level” look will be taken at county-owned parcels slated for expiration, and the department will be looking at an “aggregate basis” for redevelopment, not per parcel. All development planned is below the traffic levels per traffic studies, and are within permitted levels, he said. A traffic study completed for the county at the end of 2009 was updated for the November Coastal Commission hearing, said Jones.

An update of 13 Marina infrastructure projects was also provided during the presentation:

n The odor control project from a force main outlet manhole at Admiralty Way, which started in March 2011, has been completed.

n A waterline replacement Phase II project that started May 2011 plans to replace 9,500 linear feet of new 18-inch diameter steel pipeline along Admiralty Way and portions of Via Marina and Fiji Way to replace the existing, aged and undersized 14-inch diameter water mains. The Phase III estimated construction start date is Nov. 2013.

n A manhole-lining project – Phase III, with an estimated construction start date in February – the scope of work is to reduce the potential of groundwater infiltration into sewer manholes. Infiltration of groundwater reduces the capacity of the pipes that are already impacted by growth and development of the area, he said. Work consists of the installation of a seamless plastic coating inside 75 sewer manholes.

n Admiralty Way at Palawan Way, et al. Roadway Projects – estimated construction start date is in October. The scope of work is to provide sufficient capacity to accommodate future traffic conditions to comply with the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program (LCP). Improvements will include additional traffic lanes, traffic signal upgrade, signing and striping, street light relocation, median reconfiguration and median landscape replacement.

n Parking Lots 5 and 7 Parkway Improvement Project – estimated construction start date is in October. The scope of work is to improve water quality at the Marina del Rey back basins; remove pollutants to address Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) concerns; install bio-retention Best Management Practices (BMP) within parkways just outside of Lot 7 and bio-filtration BMPs within existing planter boxes in Lot 5 to treat stormwater runoff from parking lots; reduce quantity of stormwater runoff while implementing Low Impact Development (LID) strategies.

n Oxford Basin Multi-Use Enhancement Project – estimated construction start date is March 2013. The scope of work is to improve flood control function, water quality, habitats, aesthetics, and recreation opportunities of Oxford Basin. Work will include installation of a circulation berm, replacement of non-vegetation with native species, a walking path around the basin, and less obstructive fencing.

n Admiralty Way Settlement Repair Project – estimated construction start date is June 2013. The scope of work is to repair the settled roadway to prevent further settlement; remove existing grade and place layers of Geogrid; reconstruct sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways and medians; restore existing street lights, traffic loops, roadway striping and update signage.

n Admiralty Way Via Marina Roadway Project – estimated construction start date is March 2014. The scope of work is to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic delay at the intersection of Via Marina and Admiralty Way. Reconfigure the existing “T” intersection to create additional left-turn pockets. Work will include reconstruction of the medians, sidewalks, curbs, gutters; relocation of catch basins, street lights, and two bus pads; traffic signal upgrade, and striping.

n Fiji Way Bike Lane Project – estimated construction start date is July 2014. The scope of work is to improve connectivity to regional bikeways. Design and construct 0.65 miles of six foot-wide Class II bike lanes from Admiralty Way to the end of Fiji Way. The project will widen the south side of Fiji Way by two feet to accommodate the bike lanes.

Three new projects include:

n Tide Gate Project – construction start date was Sept. 2011. The scope of work includes rehabilitating and upgrading the existing tide gate facility including replacing the manually-operated slide gates with new automated gates, repairing the concrete wing walls, and relining the corrugated metal discharge pipes.

n Boathouse Project (Burton Chace Park) – estimated construction start date is to be determined. The scope of work is to remodel the boathouse facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The improvements include the installation of new ADA-compliant drinking fountains and elevator with new machine room and utilities; remodel and expansion of existing toilet and shower facilities for ADA compliance; installation of a new electrical system to support renovated areas; and a seismic upgrade to existing structure above and below the water line.

n Seawall Refurbishment Project – estimated construction start date to be determined. The project borders the entire Marina for a length of 7.3 miles. The Department of Public Works executed a 15-task consultant services agreement with HPA, Inc. to provide maintenance, inspection and as-needed repair services for the 7.3-mile seawall. There are 100 locations along the seawall where work is proposed.