A request for proposals (RFP) has been issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors for two parcels on Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey.

The RFP — which was officially circulated for response to the only two firms that responded to the previous request for qualifications (RFQ) and that were deemed to be qualified by the county — involves Parcels 49 and 77, located on Admiralty Way between Mindanao Way and Fiji Way.

The RFP proposes development of a water-oriented commercial or mixed-use project with enhanced boater-serving facilities.

The following description of the proposed project is from county documentation.

The property is located at the southwest corner of Mindanao and Admiralty ways and consists of approximately 16.91 acres of land and approximately 1.58 acres of water area. The site contains extensive water frontage and is adjacent to a waterfront public park, Burton Chace Park, for which expansion has been planned on Parcel 77.

A Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment will be required for the project.

County staff has identified three possible build-out alternatives for this project. The LCP specifies 14 development zones (DZs) within Marina del Rey, each of which includes one or more parcels grouped together. Parcels 49 and 77 are in DZ 9.

Option 1 — Utilize all or a portion of the remaining visitor-serving commercial entitlements in Development Zone 9 plus adjacent DZs 8 and 11, totaling 116,495 square feet, together with the replacement of existing boating facilities and replacement parking;

Option 2 — add to Option 1 the entitlements for up to 255 apartments currently in DZ 11 (allowed only on Parcel 49).

These could be used to make the project a mixed-use plan that contains residential units, or the residential units may be converted, in whole or in part, to visitor-serving commercial for a maximum additional 18,723 square feet of commercial space.

If all residential is converted, total visitor-serving commercial build-out would be 135,218 square feet.

Option 3 — Add to Option 1 or 2 the entitlements to build a Department of Beaches and Harbors (DBH) administration building for the county. Maximum total build-out would be 161,218 square feet (assuming no residential).

If the proposer chooses to construct the DBH administration building on-site, the building must be approximately 26,000 square feet of gross building area and contain a public meeting facility of about 1,600 square feet, if a facility capable of accommodating public meetings is not located elsewhere in the project or Burton Chace Park.

The addition of the public meeting facility may cause the project to need more parking spaces.

The building height limits in the 1996 Marina del Rey Land Use Plan for Parcels 49 and 77 restrict all development height to 45 feet. Beaches and Harbors will consider a proposal to increase heights selectively along Admiralty Way and Fiji Way to 75 feet if the proposer can demonstrate that such a change “enhances the overall architectural and urban design and specifically creates both additional open space and enhanced view corridors.”

In order to secure the appropriate entitlements for the project, the county, as owner of the land, would need to co-sign the application for a Coastal Development Permit or permits, and any other necessary permits and entitlements proposed by the selected developer, and process any necessary LCP amendments.

The existing launch ramp on Parcel 49 may not be relocated for this project.

The inclusion of Parcel 77 in the proposed development is subject to the following conditions:

—there shall be no residential development on Parcel 77;

— if the community building proposed for Parcel 77 in the draft Burton Chace Park Master Plan is displaced by private development, it must be included elsewhere in the project; and

— there must be an appropriate transition from adjacent improvements to the park.

The 152 existing paid public parking spaces on Parcel 49 and the 58 existing boat storage-associated parking spaces on Parcel 77 must be replaced if they are displaced by the project.

An additional 103 paid public parking spaces must be provided by the developer as replacement for parking from elsewhere in Marina del Rey, but would not be the financial obligation of the developer.

The project must include parking for any boat slips associated with the project, as approved by the Department of Regional Planning and the California Coastal Commission.

Copies of this RFP and supporting documents may be downloaded online at http://marinadelrey.lacounty.gov/.