City of Santa Monica Big Blue Bus officials will pay tribute to Rosa Parks and the anniversary of the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott that sparked the civil rights movement by reserving the first seat of all Big Blue buses Thursday, December 1st.

A black ribbon will be draped across the seats, along with a commemorative marker, in honor of Parks, and specially prepared information cards detailing her life story will be made available to passengers.

Parks was 92 when she passed away October 24th at her home in Detroit.

Her arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated public bus in Montgomery in 1955 served as a catalyst for a year-long bus strike against the city bus system.

The success of the boycott eventually helped overturn segregation laws throughout the South, and helped propel Parks into the national spotlight as an advocate for human rights and racial equality.

She was often referred to as the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.”

“We wanted to publicly acknowledge Mrs. Parks for her dignified act of courage so many years ago, when few dared to speak out against inequality,” Big Blue Bus general manager Stephanie Negriff said.

“Her lifelong dedication and belief in the rights and privileges of every human being touched a whole nation and made our country a better place to live.”

The Big Blue Bus will join other public transportation agencies around the country in a national transit tribute to Parks and the anniversary of the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott December 1st.

Information, the Big Blue Bus, (310) 458-1975, or