The State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee approved a bill June 25th by Assemblymember Ted Lieu of Torrance that would require California’s major airports to inform passengers about flight delays and runway incursions.

“AB [Assembly Bill] 1407 will give customers information on runway safety at an airport and provide a mechanism to determine if their flight is one that is frequently delayed,” said Lieu.

The bill addresses the rise in concerns of airline travelers experiencing record delays, cancellations and diversions. It would require airports to provide basic safety information on the Internet to airline customers about frequently delayed flights and runway incursions at California’s major commercial airports. This would allow customers to have a sense of ground safety at an airport, Lieu said.

Runway incursions used to be rare, but are now more frequent, according to the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics. At Los Angeles International Airport alone, more than 24 incidents of runway incursions have occurred in the past two years. In terms of flight delays, data from the bureau show that the number of delayed flights has nearly doubled in the last decade.

“Delayed flights not only inconvenience travelers and their families, but result in tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity,” Lieu said. “Runway incursions pose a serious threat to the safety of passengers. It is important that travelers have access to this basic information.”

AB 1407 will be heard next in the Senate Transportation Committee.