A festival of countercultural art and performance, the Black Cat Festival, organized by gothic-influenced curator Timothy Williams is creeping up locally from 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday, June 3rd, at the Black Cat Gallery, 11523 Washington Blvd., Mar Vista.

The “multi-creative outburst,” as Williams describes the event, will feature a wide cross-section of subcultural art styles.

In addition to the art on display, the opening night party will include a live fashion show, modeling, live music, DJs, live action painting, indie film and video, performance art, architecture and modified cars from the yearly Burning Man Festival by the Department of Mutant Vehicles.

Artists whose work will be displayed in the exhibit include painting and mixed media work by Attila Adorjany, Angie Mason, Abril Andrade, Terrell Moore, Timothy Williams, Eric Fobair, Kevin Rolly, Herwig Maurer, Christopher Moonlight, Aaron Murphy, James Mathers, Ezter Takas, Gabriel Rodriguez, Roger Ray, Derek Elmore, Tameka Norris, Michael Spitaletto, Bill Schaeffer, Michael Casey, Eric Steineger and Alison Moore; films by Skeleton Key Films and Cosmo Segurson Films; digital collage by artist/record producer/ subvert Geza X; assemblage by Joel Daavid; video art by Jun Jun Tiangco III, Steve Craig, Bobby I, Dean Krueger; sculpture by Bruce Gray, Shekinah Underhill, The Bone Company, Mike Bacon, Peter Right; photography by Dawn Lauren, Beth Ashby Ferrara and Jennifer Hart Biagotti; and installation by Michael Kreski.

The live fashion show will begin at 10 p.m. and will feature “graffiti and street-style clothing” from Local Tourist designed by Eric Fobair; and “industrial-easy-street wear from 600-Pound Gorilla by artist/designer Attila Adorjany. There will also be live stationary fashion models at the event.

JMartin, who has done art/custom clothing design for Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, P Diddy, Ayu Hamasaki and Los Angeles Laker Smush Parker, will be doing his airbrush work on live fashion models throughout the evening.

At 10:30 p.m., musical duo The Dagons will perform their “dreamy-spooky-folk-punk rock” in support of their new CD, Reverse, released on Blow the Fuse Records.

DJs Aurelito and Shakespeare will be spinning and shouting from their ice cream truck (now converted into a mobile reggae sound machine). The two are known for their work at Chocolate Bar, a reggae/soul/hip-hop club in Los Angeles, and being involved with DJing and promoting record release parties including those of Perry Farrell and Macy Gray. Aurelito and Shakespeare’s ice cream truck and clubs have been featured on National Public Radio.

DJ Xian, known for DJing clubs Malediction Society, Wumpskate and Darkroom, will spin darkwave, ethereal, gothic and industrial music inside the Black Cat Gallery, joined by DJ Oizys.

The Department of Mutant Vehicles, a seven-to-ten-car- long caravan of detailed, customized art cars, will showcase themes including the Cheshire Cat and Electric Octopus. The group is a regular attraction at the annual Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock desert in northern Nevada.

Information, (310) 313-4931.