A mitigated negative declaration and the option for an amended and restated lease to facilitate renovation for the Villa Venetia development in Marina del Rey were approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors last month.

The project consists of the renovation of the existing 224 apartment units, located at 13900 Fiji Way in Marina del Rey.

The Villa Venetia renovation project had received conceptual design approval from the county Marina del Rey Design Control Board at its Aug. 18 meeting. The 6.4-acre site consists of four, three-story (28-foot-tall) buildings and the cost of the proposed project is $25.7 million, said a representative of the developer.

The leasehold does not include a water area nor any marine facilities, as it is located along the east side of the main channel. A waterfront pedestrian promenade of approximately 550 feet runs along the west perimeter of the site and along the northerly parcel boundary off Fiji Way.

The development is the first site visible when boats come into the main channel, although it is seemingly hidden from view along Fiji Way.

The project met the approval of local boaters and residents largely because the lessee planned to renovate the property rather than demolish all of the buildings and start with a new development. The developer also met with tenants and neighbors to discuss the plans for the renovation and address any concerns.

County officials had also requested that the developer meet certain requirements, such as leaving birds on site; meeting with environmentally concerned individuals; assisting tenants with moving to other buildings during the phasing of the construction; and greatly improving the promenade.