The County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Marina del Rey Station offers some safety tips, including a reminder to boaters that while it is legal to have an open container of alcohol while boating, there is a strictly enforced legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.

Receiving a violation for operating a boat with a higher blood alcohol content will negatively affect a boater’s driving record.

“The sheriff’s department wants to help keep our summer-time fun, safe, and happy, and will often go beyond what’s expected of them in order to make that happen,” said Sgt. Mike Carriles.

In other tips, the local station notes that bicycles and vehicles are most often the targets of local crime.

Vehicle break-ins are almost always crimes of opportunity prompted by valuables left in plain sight.

The station’s rule of thumb is that if people don’t want something stolen, they should simply keep it hidden.

Bike thefts always increase dramatically in Marina del Rey during the summer months, the station said.

To prevent the theft of bikes, locks should be threaded through the frame and wheels, using the best-quality lock available.

Anyone who sees suspicious individuals loitering near parked bicycles or other vehicles should call the Marina Sheriff’s Station at (310) 823-7762 to report what they have seen.

The Marina Sheriff’s Station recommends programming this number into a cell phone, since this type of report should never be called into 911.


TERMINAL SAFETY ZONE — As another reminder, Marina sheriff’s deputies note that there is a safety zone surrounding the Offshore Marine Terminal at El Segundo to reduce the likelihood of a collision involving a tank vessel moored at the offshore marine terminal.

Entry into this zone is prohibited unless authorized by the captain of the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach.

The safety zone is active 24 hours a day and encompasses the area listed below:

n all waters of Santa Monica Bay from surface to bottom enclosed by a line beginning at latitude 33ƒ54’59″N, longitude 118ƒ26’50″W;

n then to latitude 33ƒ54’59″N, longitude 118ƒ27’34″W;

n then to latitude 33ƒ54’00″N, longitude 118ƒ27’34″W;

n then to latitude 33ƒ54’00″N, longitude 118ƒ26’50″W; and

n then to the point of beginning.

FIRE ON E1100 — Sheriff’s Deputies Wayne Yoshimura and Steve Wealer were patrolling the harbor area recently when they smelled the odor of burning material.

They soon located the smoke at dock E1100 where a circuit box and electrical supply cable that provides power to the dock was on fire.

Using their onboard fire-fighting equipment, Yoshimura and Wealer were able to extinguish the fire before excessive damage was done.


EXERCISE — Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station personnel, along with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles City Fire Department, the U.S. Coast Guard, the FBI and other local agencies participated in an air/sea disaster exercise.

The exercise tested communication systems and coordination between different agencies.

Information, Carriles, (310) 823-7762.

[This is the first of a series of occasional updates on Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station activities.]