Bob Lindal, skippering Exodus II, was announced as the champion of this year’s Pacific Coast Yachting Association’s interregional competition — the Barusch/Castagna Predicted Log West Coast Regionals — held at Del Rey (DRYC) and California Yacht (CYC) Clubs.

Lindal was representing the International Power Boat Association North.

DRYC hosted the event Thursday, June 23rd, through Sunday, June 26th. Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet and Southern California Cruisers Association (SCCA) sponsored the event.

Fourteen contestants arrived in Marina del Rey Thursday, June 23rd, from the West Coast clubs that are members of PCYA.

Seven associations representing clubs from Canada south to California were present for this competition.

The purpose of this championship regatta is to recognize the winner of the Cruiser Navigation Association and the Team Championship.

The Harry Barusch Perpetual Trophy represents the interregional competition held by PCYA Championship Regatta.


ws of up to three members compete on assigned powerboats not owned by the skippers.

The Joseph V. Castagna Perpetual Trophy represents the Cruiser Navigation Team Championship as run in conjunction with the PCYA Annual Regatta.

A predicted log race is run on a course designed and published that normally consists of four or more legs, with a total distance of about 25 miles or more.

Skippers must predict the exact length of time it will take them to complete each leg of the course.

Along with a skipper and crew, an observer joins the team, as well as a scrutinizer.

Once aboard the power vessel, the observer collects all watches, thus precluding the skipper and crew from knowing the actual time between the start and end of each leg.

The skipper calls “Mark” when reaching the end of the first leg and the observer records the actual time. This procedure is repeated through the course to the final mark.

The scrutinizer is along to observe and fill in, should the observer require assistance.

Once the course is completed, actual times of legs are turned into the race committee and the percentage of error on each leg is computed between the predicted and actual logs.

It is on a “lowest error” basis that the winner is declared.

Paul Artof, Pacific Coast Yachting Association commodore, oversaw the event. A trophy presentation was held at Del Rey Yacht Club Saturday, June 25th.

Marty Livingston of DRYC was event chair. Dave Lewis represented Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet as coordinator and Gerry Terris represented SCCA as coordinator.