Bobby Shriver — who got interested in Santa Monica politics when the City Council began to enforce a previously ignored city ordinance requiring homeowners to limit the height of their yard hedges — was the top vote-getter in a 16-candidate race for four open council seats.

In the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees race Tuesday, Susan Aminoff and Robert Rader and incumbent Margaret Qui”ones won four-year terms.

In the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District election Tuesday, two incumbents — Jose Escarce and Maria Leon-Vazquez — and Malibu resident Kathy Wisnicki won four-year terms.

Santa Monica Proposition N — to increase the city transient occupancy tax by two percent — was approved by voters and Santa Monica Community College District Measure S — approving $135 million in bonds for facility improvements — passed, receiving more than the required 55 percent approval.

CITY COUNCIL — The four candidates elected Tuesday to four-year terms on the Santa Monica City Council were:

– Bobby Shriver, 20,309 votes;

– Richard Bloom, 14,575 votes;

– Herb Katz, 12,722 votes; and

– Ken Genser, 11,748 votes.

The 12 other candidates who were on the ballot, in descending order of votes received, were:

Patricia Hoffmam (10,988);

Matt Dinolfo (10,304);

Maria Loya (10,010);

Kathryn Morea (8,506);

Michael Feinstein (6,922);

David Cole (3,630);

Bill Bauer (2,915);

Leticia Anderson (2,839);

Lorene Mendelsohn (2,719);

Tom Viscount (2,345);

Jonathan Mann (1,524); and

Linda Armstrong (876).

COLLEGE TRUSTEES — Elected candidates in the Santa Monica Community College District and votes received were:

n Susan Aminoff, 19,387 votes.

n Robert Rader, 14,895 votes.

n Margaret Quinones, 13,488 votes.

Four other candidates, who failed to win seats, included:

Douglas Willis, 12,664 votes;

Charles Donaldson, 9,360 votes;

Tonja McCoy, 7,739 votes; and Susanne Trimbath (6,168).

SCHOOL BOARD — Three candidates elected to the Santa Monica-Unified School District and their votes were:

n Jose Escarce, 21,731 votes;

n Maria Leon-Vazquez, 21,327 votes; and

n Kathy Wisnicki, 20,396 votes.

Also on the ballot was Ana Maria Jara, who received 17,423 votes.