Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detectives believe that the cause of death of a man who was found dead in a parking garage at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Tuesday morning, May 1st, was suicide.

‘Our investigation tells us that the victim took his own life,’ LAPD Pacific Division Homicide Detective Mike DePasquale told The Argonaut Tuesday, May 8th.

The victim was identified as Richard Scoville, 57, a resident of Westlake Village. Investigators recovered a 9mm pistol at the scene, which they believe is the gun Scoville used to kill himself, police said.

The victim was found by an airport worker on his break, slumped across the seat in a late model BMW at approximately 2:30 a.m. in parking structure 301, which is located on the second level.

LAX airport police were alerted and discovered a gunshot wound to Scoville’s upper torso when they checked him to see if he was sleeping.

The victim was employed as a consultant, DePasquale said.

‘We’re still investigating what kind of consultant he was,’ the detective added.

Scoville was reportedly last seen alive at a gymnasium in Westlake Village on April 30th, according to news sources.

DePasquale said police reached the conclusion that the victim had committed suicide based on interviews with Scoville’s family, friends and business acquaintances.

‘We’re just waiting for some more lab reports to come back, but we’re pretty confident that it’s a suicide,’ he said.